It was an amazing evening full of impressions, because it was the first concert in my life! After St. Petersburg's night I was met by Moscow's sunny morning. Later, at around 5 p.m we got to the club and immediately found ourselves surrounded by people listening to the same music. Thanks to the volunteers who did their work really well, everything was very organized and all the fans were standing according to their numbers. We had a GA2 ticket, so we had to wait till all the fans coming before us enter the club. While we were standing in that huge queue people passing by were wondering what was that queue for. Even the drivers from time to time were slowering their cars to find out why so many people had gathered in one place. Eventually the queue started to move and the staff let the fans into the venue.

And, finally, I'm inside, having left my outerclothes in the cloakroom, having looked through the merchandise that has been brought for the tour and having found myself a nice place on the dance floor.

And the concert has begun! When I heard Zico's voice for the first time, not yet able to see him, it seemed to me that I was listening to the recording of a song. His live performance sounded as nice as the recorded version, and that impressed me a lot. I want to say a big thank you to the organizers and the club for creating such an amazing sound. The equipment was fine tuned, there were no failures, everything worked fine during the concert. Every song Zico performed let us reminisce the period of time when it was released, he showed us the whole his way as an artist and composer. I have been following Zico and Block B's music for quite a long time already and it's amazing to hear the songs, you have been listening on the loop, live! I'm still fly, Okey Dokey, Eurika, Veni Vidi Vici, Bermuda... Everyone knew and enjoyed these songs. There also was HER in the set list, such an energetic and playful song which made everyone in the hall sing along. In between the songs, Zico was talking with the audience and he said the following words in his speech: "While I was preparing for the tour I doubted whether you'd like this or that song or not. But now that I can hear your response, I understand that all my doubts are groundless." And his doubts really were groundless because the whole set list was just awesome!

There was another phrase that would remain in my heart for a long time: "I do not consider myself a rapper. I consider myself an artist who can rap." And no doubts, Zico is such a person.

Leaving all my imressions of the concert aside, I'd also like to add that the VCR and visual effects were just a different piece of art, being created in such a high quality!

The show which lasted for one hour and a half approximately passed really fast and before you knew it Zico said that his concert was coming to an end. When Zico was singing the last songs, I couldn't restrain myself and shed tears of happiness. He is such a terrific artist who can make people jump and sing along his songs! The concert was great! When the show ended, I joined the queue for the merchandise and bought myself a T-shirt, a poster and a bag (there also appeared Zico's signed albums after the concert). Leaving for St. Petersburg I was thinking that I would never forget this amazing concert which was the first one in my life!

If you ever doubt whether you should go to a concert or not, the final answer should definitely be "yes"! Because you will most likely receive a huge energy boost from the artist and all the people supporting him, from the live songs that you could only listen to in the recording before. A concert may also give you a huge amount of inspiration for doing something new! It happened to me, so I hope everyone can feel the same!

I want to thank everyone for such an opportunity that gave me an unforgettable experience! And also thanks to Zico and his crew for making a fiery show that day!