In this article you'll be able to find my latest memories of VIXX LR's concert.
In this article you'll be able to find my latest memories of VIXX LR's concert. I'm writing it in a cozy coffee shop at the Leningradsky railway station. In order to get some enegry and create a certain atmosphere, I decided to buy an ice-cappuccino, which once again made me wonder about the reason of Koreans' love for ice coffee... but this is another story. Two hours left till my train, but my legs, my abdomen and my head are just requiring me to take a horizontal position as soon as possible. And it's no wonder! After a sleepless night and a walking around the frosty Moscow, I spent a few unforgettable hours jumping, singing and trying to express my emotions from the concert in every possible way.

I'm not too bold to call myself a Starlight, but VIXX are currently occupying a large niche in my playlist and Ravi's voice has made a huge contribution to that. Things went not so good with Leo, I thought he was way too shy and closed, so the reasons for his popularity among the fans were not clear to me. But all the members kept improving themselves and each of them let us know his strong sides and a desire for improvement. For you to understand, this entire paragraph was written to explain the fact that the "report" will come from the group's fan.

I went to a concert full of controversed feelings. They were partly due to my work and a poor feedback from Ravi's European tour. Also during the latest concerts I have either been the organizer or the press representative. But this time I was just a fan and a spectator. And this was a powerful splash of emotions for me, there were no restrictions on demonstrating my love for the LR-unit!

Since I am moving quite "actively" at concerts, I try to stand back, so as not to disturb anyone. That is why, initially, I didn't plan to get a number for the queue. But somehow we decided to get them, which was a good idea. Just want to show my absolute respect to the fanbase for staying at cold and preparing everything for the concert. Thanks to them, I was fully "equipped" with a lightstick and a banner. I'm a little bit ashamed to admit, but this has been my first concert with a fan-support set. We were waiting for our turn in a very lively and nice company of fans, freezing and anticipating at the entrance till we finally got into the venue.

When Leo and Ravi appeared on the stage, the first thing I thought about was the fact that they were very tall and beautiful. They started with their debut song "Beautiful liar". And since then the concert went like one moment for me...

I was really surprized to hear the remixed versions of some of VIXX's tracks. It isn't easy to say which one I liked more. "Error" made me cry as hard as the original song. "G.R.8.U" was a little bit hard for me to recognize because of its changes. As for "Chained Up" and "Dynamite", they are my favorite VIXX's songs. Can you imagine how delighted I was when I heard them?

Leo decided to play a trick on us saying that we wouldn't be able to listen to his song "Touch & Sketch" at the concert. Well, no one really believed him, and they were right, because he made such a fiery performance with this song. I also think that he can be called the prince of lyric songs. My eyes got a little bit watery while listening to his solo ballads, and after he performed the song from his musical everyone literally had to pick up their jaws from the floor, so powerful it was.

Ravi was spoiling us with his 2018 releases. He started with a lively "Adorable", because, as he said, it was already winter in Russia, and we needed something warm like summer. The "warm" song was immediately followed by really hot tracks, and after the amazing "Nirvana" I was feeling very dizzy, because this was my favorite song.

The concert was just awesome! Many thanks to the organizers for preparing such a wonderful event. For me everything somehow fell into line after this concert. And there's one thing I understood for sure - these guys made me fall in love with their music for good!