A South Korean boy group VICTON held their concert in Moscow on September 11, 2018. Russia was the first stop of the group's European tour and the first country to show European fans' passionate love for VICTON. We were extremely excited by this event and were not really sure if there would be a chance to talk to the members. Fortunately, the group found a few minutes to answer the questions prepared by VICTON's Russian fanbase.

Deerzone: Good afternoon! You are visiting Russia as a part of your first European tour. Could you express your feelings about that?
Seungwoo : Much more people than we expected came to the venue which is very delightful. I can hear our fans chanting my name right now. And I'm so happy! We'll hold this concert safely. Please, show lots of love for VICTON in the future!
D: What should the fans do to make VICTON happy?
Hanse : We really like them cheering us up loudly.
Chan : Yes, we always get a lot of energy from that!
D: What are you planning to do after the tour ends? Working? Or having some rest?
Subin : We will most probably continue working on our new album to show the fans our new concept and new songs. Just wait a little bit! We love you!
D: Imagine having an ideal holiday week. What it will be like? Is there anything you want to do during this week?
Hanse : A barbecue party with all the members!
D: What food would you recommend your Russian fans to try while in Korea?
Hanse : You should try samgyeopsal!
Subin : There are a lot of delicious dishes in Korea, so we'd recommend our fans to taste every of them.
Chan : (in English) I like samgyeopsal.
D: You have been trying various concepts. Which one is your favourite?
Sejun : We have already tried a lot of nice concepts but I think that the conception for our latest comeback "Time Of Sorrow" was the best.
D: Were there any interesting or funny episodes during the filming of your music videos?
Chan : We had to film one of our MV's scenes on the bridge. A lot of people were watching us and all the members were really nervous at that time.
D: What show would you like to participate in?
Hanse : I'd like VICTON to appear in a Korean show called "Running Man"!
D: Which member can be a good manager?
Subin : I suppose it's our reliable leader Seungwoo.
D: Whose idea was to call the group VICTON?
Hanse : It was our manager's idea!
Subin : That's right.
D: Which member likes to sleep a lot?
Sejun : I think it's Byungchan.
Byungchan : (in English) It's me!
Hanse : (in English) It's you!
Sejun : (in English) You, you!
D: What are your plans for the year 2019?
Byungchan : We don't have any particular plans yet but it would be nice to come back with new songs as soon as possible and show our best to Alice.
Subin : Also, if there is an opportunity, we'd like to come back to Moscow again.

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