March 2018
VAV in Moscow
The first concert of a South Korean group VAV's European tour took place in Moscow on 22nd of March. It was the first time the group came to Russia and all the members got some new experience. They were absolutely fond of Russian cuisine but, unfortunately, not so fond of Russian weather. However they were warmed up by all the love their Russian fans gave them during the concert.
Members of the group are really grateful to all people who came to the concert and fanmeeting and endured cold weather in order to make this event incredibly hot. We were so touched by seeing happy fans cheering their favorite singers! And that made us love this group even more! VAV received a lot of energy from their fans and did their best to show a perfect performance. Members of the group also congratulated a birthday girl that came to the concert, sang a romantic song and had fun that day. BONUS! They promised to take Jacob with them next time! So we are looking forward to seeing VAV in Russia again one day.