Interview with UNVS
UNVS debuted in February 2020, but has already taken part in the "Rookie King" show and has organized world-wide online fanning. We are very grateful that they took the time to meet with us and spoke in detail about their releases, show and plans for the future.
1. How did you, guys, first meet? Was it easy to get along with each other?
Jun H: We became friends before the debut. In fact, our team consists of best friends who always wanted to perform together. We live together, practise together and work together. It seems that my friends follow me whenever I go because they know me way too well. But this also means that we can see each other's weak points and understand what we need to improve, to work at. That's why there's no rivalry inside the group, we always work as one team.
2. What are your ways to cheer your fans up during these hard times?
Eunho: First and foremost I'd like to give them some nice music and delightful performances. I'm also trying to communicate with the fans more often. We're preparing lots of various content! There are photos, videos, messages and live streams. The whole process gives me so much energy and I really want to share it with our fan
3. Your performances are always full of elegant and sexy vibe. Is this image close to your real self?
YY: No~ I believe there is a difference (laughs). It's important to distinguish between our stage life and real life. We'd really like to show our real selves a little bit more. For example, I do have a charming side and like cute stuff. But our fans would probably be more fascinated by the image we show on stage.
Jun H, how did you get the nickname "King of Nonesense" at the show "Rookie King"?
I'm quite a curious person and I know a lot of random interesting facts. During the show it turned out that sometimes my words or questions just came at a bad time.
Jen, is it hard to be the youngest member of UNVS?
I don't think so. The elder members are taking a good care of me all the time. The only thing is that I used to be the leader earlier and now it's a little bit difficult to get rid of some past habits.
4. Is there any other concept you'd like to try?
Changgyu: Some energetic and playful concept would be nice. Just having fun, laughing and enjoying the life alltogether. I'd also like to work on my acting skills since I'm still making many mistakes and want to improve myself.

5. What moments of the show "Rookie King" were the most memorable for you? What other shows do you want to take part in?
Jen: I remember the first episode really well. Since it was our first broadcast I surely made a lot of mistakes. But still, it was an amazing and unforgettable experience. And as for now, I'd like to take part in various shows in order to show my abilities and learn more about the variety.
6. You've mentioned that you'd like to go on world tour one day. What would you do abroad when you aren't performing?
Jun H: During our spare time I'd gladly go sightseeing with all the members. It'd be nice to visit some famous restaurants as well. Last time I went for a trip was during the show and we've being loaded with work since then. As for now I'll be happy even with some local trip. But a full tour surely would become a real journey for everyone.
Eunho, which one would you like to take part in? Are there any idols playing in musicals whom you look up to?
There are a lot of musicals I like. For example, "The Phantom of the Opera", "Mozart", "The Man Who Laughs". And I'm a huge fan of Junsu (JYJ) and Kyuhyun (Super Junior).
Changgyu, are you planning to do some more girl group covers?
Well... in case the members join me, I probably will. But I'm not planning to do something like this on my own again. I hope to improve my dancing skills and show you something different in the future.
7. How did you come up with an idea of holding online fanmeetings for your international fans?
YY: We didn't have a single fanmeeting since our debut. All of us have been working hard, so we'd like to meet up with our fans and share our feelings with them. Unfortunately, it's impossible to hold a real fanmeeting due to the virus. So that we decided that it'd be nice to see each other at least online.
8. Do you have any plans for this summer?
Changgyu: If we have time... I'd like to go for a vacation with all the members and the company staff as well. We'd rent a penthouse nearby the sea, would swim, barbecue and just have fun. We won't be able to go anywhere far from the city and stay there for a long time but even a short holiday would be nice.
9. Why are all your songs filled with sadness?
Jun H: We are telling the listener a story about love from "Timeless" to "Give You Up". Both our music and the lyrics are filled with deep emotions. I hope that our songs will touch people's hearts and give them comfort. As for now our songs are filled with sadness but we'll surely show you different sides of our music in the future.
YY, tell us about your life in Japan.
I was just a little child back then. I remember it was quite a hard and starving period in my life. But I've got a huge and valuable experience from it.
10. Please, tell us your own story line in the "Timeless" MV.
Jun H: In this music video my character is in the midst of a creative crisis. That's why I'm getting angry and starting to break things. Broken objects are symbolizing the suffering of a creator.

YY: My character has got an invitation to his ex-girlfriend's wedding. He's going to attend the ceremony although he still can't get over his lover.

Eunho: My character is very poor and works at a cafe. His dream is to become a singer whose songs can heal people's souls.

Changgyu: In "Timeless" my character is an artist whose own world has become colorless because of his loneliness and hardships. He wants to get out of this depression and he finally feels better when he meets other members.

Jen: My character is having an emotional upheaval after his lover's death.
11. What is the main idea of "Give You Up" MV?
Changgyu: All the members are suffering from love. There are various locations. "Summer" for Jen, "autumn" for Eunho, "winter" for YY. Jun H is the one who has already overcome the grief and he's trying to help other members to break through their own oblivion.
12. Which member may be called the TikTok star?
YY: What's this? (laughs) Well, Jun H and Changgyu are the members whose names often pop up in the recommendations. But I also try to follow the trends so I can leave them behind in a blink of an eye.