Stray Kids
Concert in Moscow
Stray Kids' first concert in Moscow took place on August 4th. The series of the group's releases. With their every album Stray Kids reveal a new story which perfectly elaborates the previous one and develops a new stage of their personality's growing-up. They started the performance with their pre-debut song Hellevator and continued with Awaken / District 9 / Mirror from their mini album "NOT". The story "WHO" was represented by the songs Insomnia, Voices and My Pace. And then the group wrapped the main part of the concert up with the story about their fans (their album "YOU") and the songs My Side, I am YOU.

"Stray Kids" were created from a scratch by the members themselves. Although being very young they constantly wonder "what are they?". With their career been started a little over a year ago the members understand that they're still far from reaching the answer and still full of uncertainty. But they will definitely find the answer making their way together with Stay (fanclub name).

"We want every of you to find yourself in us. And we'll try to find ourselves through you".
The members paid lots of their attention to communicating with their fans. Just imagine them looking passionately at their Stay and behaving like their neighbourhood friends during the show. It was also really nice to see how all the members (not only English speakers) tried to communicate with the audience in English. Many of you can probably remember the rap song Matryoshka performed by 3RACHA in 2017. By using such a comparison in their rap the boys wanted to convey a certain message. Everyone needs to stay strong and true to oneself no matter what. And the boys themselves want to stay strong on their way of becoming musicians. Also Bang Chang couldn't help mentioning that he really got into Russian language while writing the lyrics for the song and that was the exact time he felt the desire to visit Russia. Bang Chang and Changbin even performed a few parts of the song for their Russian fans while Hyunjin was acting cute. The leader's phrase that got really stuck in my head was about how he wanted to capture that concert in shape of an "infinite" matryoshka which would have an endless number of layers and "always more Stays with us". That was the moment no one could help falling under the leader's charm.

The best thing about Stray Kids is that the connection, the special link between the artist and the fans is mutual. Russian Stay prepared a fan project in order to congratulate Changbin on his birthday. All of them raised the special banners and sang a birthday song for him. The whole venue was lighted up with happiness, people were smiling to every moment, every song and kept the smile for a long time after the concert. All the members approved that the audience gave them much more energy and warmth than the boys themselves gave to the audience!

"I'll never forget this night" - said Seungmin in Russian.

We won't be able to forget it either, Seungmin! I'd really like to wrap my story up with the message which is always being conveyed through Stray Kids' songs. Go for your dream, believe in it. You can do anything with the support of those who are always by your side!