Feel Korea 2018
SNUPER in Moscow
A South Korean group Snuper is a frequent guest of Feel Korea festival. That is why after getting an announcement about this year's venue for the event Russian fans were expecting Snuper to come. The fans' expectations were met successfully and a plane from South Korea brought the group to Moscow in the evening of June, 6.
Feel Korea is positioning itself not only as a cultural and entertaining festival, but also as an educational event. And it was Snuper who was in charge of the educational aspect of the festival this year. So on June, 7 they hold a linguistic master-class at the Lotte hotel which was followed by a mini-fanmeeting for those who are studying Korean.
First of all the guys danced a fragment of the choreography to "Platonic Love" and introduced themselves to the audience, acting a little bit nervous while greeting everyone in Russian. The members decided to teach people Korean using the lyrics of their song "지켜 줄게"
Each member was approaching a blackboard and repeating one line along with the audience. All the lines were written both in Hangul and Russian transcription but for those present at the venue it wasn't a big deal to repeat the words correctly, which was mentioned and praised by the group.
In order to make the learning process more interesting Snuper hold an interactive "accent game". Six people were picked up from the audience and tried to cope with the tasks together with the members. In addition to a closer interaction with the group the six participants were also pleased with the group's albums as a special reward.

Snuper maintained a relaxed atmosphere at the venue and cheered even the gloomiest people up, when the "accent game" continued with Russian words. As it turned out, not all Russian participants could cope with the native language! In our opinion, Korean guests did a much better job.

At the very end the guys warmly said goodbye to everyone while holding a hi-touch session and giving away special gifts from Feel Korea. The event was private and held in quite an official style, which was a very interesting experience to us and we are very grateful to Feel Korea for the invitation.

The group performed right after IMFACT on June, 8. Wearing gorgeous red suits, the members sang and danced beautifully to five songs among which was their recent title song "Tulips". We'd like to mention a very unusual artistic choreography and retro sound that really stood out compared to other artists. We highly recommend listening to the songs "Shooting Star" and "Back:Hug".

Despite a few quite questionable moments, we were really glad to see how passionately the audience and especially Snuper's fans were cheering the group up. The group has a very nice Russian fandom, which prepared a special banner to support the guys during the concert and then gave it to the group as a present at the airport. According to the photos, we can say that Snuper has taken the banner with them.