Сoncert SF9 in Moscow
The road to SF9's concert in Moscow was a long one. It started with putting "makes" to all European cities on MyMusicTaste and continued with some incredible train adventures. But the final goal was worth it, the concert was just awesome!
While standing in the line all the fans were really exited for the concert. However the show started much earlier than we expected! Zuho, Jaeyoon and Chani decided to tease their fans a little bit by coming to them and walking along the queue accompanied by cameramen. People were really happy to see the members but also a little bit worried about them not wearing jackets on a quite cold day. However Moscow's weather didn't seem to bother the members. All three of them were smiling brightly and greeting everyone.

Well, maybe they were not actually freezing at that moment but all in all it was quite a cold day in Moscow. I could see a lot of people freezing while standing in the line. Some of them started singing and dancing which was a nice "warming up". Soon all the fans were let in so I hope nobody caught cold.

It's worth remarking that Russian fanbase was thoroughly prepared for the event and supplied everyone with banners and glowsticks. So that we got a blue glowstick and two banners to support the group. One of the banners had a piece of lyrics from "Dear Fantasy" written on it and another one was a part of a special project for celebrating Hwiyoung's upcoming birthday. Holding all the stuff in my hands I was waiting for the concert to start. Usually waiting is a torture for me but this time my friends and I were happily singing along the played songs, rehearsing fanchants and taking photos till the very beginning of the performance.

And finally the lights went down and all the members appeared on the stage. The first song to perform was "Unlimited". At first I got surprised that a non-title song was chosen as an opening one. However everything became clear when I saw a huge screen behind the group saying "2019 SF9 USA•EUROPE LIVE TOUR UNLIMITED". Personally I was expecting the concert to start with "do eppojijji ma ya ya ya ya ya" ("Enough" by SF9) but the song was performed only third in the row, right after "Roar".

I better mention that there can be slight mistakes in the songs order and members' names since the whole concert seemed to last one wonderful moment to me and now I'm trying to remember this nice dream I've seen. So, please, don't be too harsh on me ;)

The set list included the tracks from SF9's latest album "Narcissus", the group's title songs, special stages and some other tracks. I was really looking forward to hearing "Now or Never", "Play Hard" and "O Sole Mio". The last song mentioned is quite meaningful to a lot of members of our #deerzone team. Personally I got to know the group with this very song and always wanted to hear it live.

The outstanding special stages prepared by the members became a true surprise to me. Inseong charmed everyone with his soulful and powerful vocal during the "Versace" performance. Taeyang and Jaeyoon's soft performance with "Nothing like Us" surely left no one emotionless. And then Hwiyoung and Youngbin shook the hall up with their "Zeroff". Unfortunately I've failed to find the studio recordings of these songs so the best thing I can enjoy now is the fancams.

SF9 prepared a lot of fascinating things for their concert in Russia. They spoke to their fans in English and even tried some Russian words out which made the audience really happy. And though the phrase "Vam vesila?" ("Are you enjoying this?" in Russian) might have confused people at first... the members' attempt to be closer to their fans is way more important and precious than the pronunciation issues!

During one of the talk corners three members entertained people with some special dance performances. Youngbin showed a cover dance to BTS's "Fake Love", Taeyang danced to BLACKPINK's "Kill this Love" and Chani chose "Want" by Taemin. Either willing to support the shy maknae or just following the vibe Youngbin and Taeyang also joined Chani's solo stage. And this was probably my favourite dance performance out of three, it looked great. Another present for the audience was a special VCR in which SF9 were playing a money-counting game, singing cute songs and making everyone laugh.

Encore was probably the most touching part of the concert. All members returned to the stage wearing the tour T-shirts and began actively interacting with the fans standing in the front rows. Chani took a fanart brougt to the concert by one of the fans, a few members put the bathing caps on, Zuho was taking photos with the Russian flag while Hwiyoung noticed a birthday banner prepared for him and cutely showed it to the camera. I still can't quite understand the reason but right after this four members poured water over the birthday boy.

I think every person present at SF9's concert is missing the group now. There is something attractive in them, something that distinguishes them from the rest of the K-POP groups. Thanks to the organizers for adding Moscow to the group's tour list and giving all Russian fans an opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful concert. SF9 promised to come back to Russia. And we will definitely be waiting for an opportunity to meet our beloved group again.