Seven O'Clock Concert in Warsaw
As a part of Seven O'Clock's world tour the group held a concert in Warsaw on April 7th.

Unfortunately, before getting to see the guys' amazing performance all the fans had to wait in cold for 3 hours. They didn't even have a chance to leave the line for a moment and buy some water during that time. Later, however, the manager of the group came to the fans to explain the whole situation. It turned out that such a long delay was caused by some proplems with transport. A small special event was suggested to us as an apology. People would give their e-mail addresses and later a few lucky fans would be chosen to get the tour T-shirts signed by the group's members. Although the beginning of the event wasn't that successful, people were still very exited to see Seven O'Clock. And believe me, the concert was definitely worth it.

The group performed live lots of wonderful songs such as Eyes On You, Get Away, Nothing Better, Searchlight, Echo. They also did some covers to MONSTA X and BTS's hit songs. According to the group's manager, the guys had slept for only two hours. But still they were dancing so powerfully to every song and all their performances were full of energy!

Hyun and Jeonggyu fascinated the audience with their cover to Bruno Mars' song and Hangyeom (A-day) presented his hot performance to Taemin's "Danger". Younghoon (2Soul) and Andy entertained the audience with their charming dances to the popular girl groups' songs.

One could literally feel the members' professionalism during the performances. However, apart from that the guys were really kind and acted very friendly to their fans. They were interacting with the audience in various ways such as showing aegyo, giving hi-fives, "throwing" numerous finger hearts and smiling brightly to the people.

The group wrapped up their show with a magnificent cover to the song "Paradise" (originally by T-MAX "Boys Over Flowers" OST).

Their final performance was so sentimental that some fans couldn't help feeling a little bit emotional. Hyun noticed a crying girl from the first row and was trying really hard to comfort her. He was showing lots of aegyo and even gave the girl the tour T-shirt signed by the members as a present. That was a really touching moment.

The group and their fans created such a warm and friendly atmosphere during the concert! One couldn't fail to fully feel it. And when the show came to an end nobody really wanted to leave the venue. The fans were also able to buy some original stuff with the group's logo at the small canteen near the stage. Personally I do recommend all of you to visit one of the group's concerts in Europe or at least give their songs a listen if you haven't done that yet in order to charge yourself with energy and support the guys. Because Seven O'Clock definitely deserve all the love and support!