Song Min Jae
HIGHLINE Entertainment

— What's an ideal font size for footnotes and is there any reason the footnote font needs to be smaller?
— Yes, it's true. I had to leave school to be able to work with music. It was quite a hard decision for me but I don't regret it.
— How do you feel about participating in a show High School Rapper 3?
— After I joined the show a lot of people started listening to my music and following my activities. That's why I've started working more passionately and I'm still doing my best to create nice music.
— Are you close with the winner of the show?
— We became good friends during the first mission. Youngji is a really kind person and I'm happy that we still keep in touch.
— How do you feel about working with Loopy&nafla ?
— It was so good! I felt like my dream finally came true. We became quite close while working together and we still keep in touch. And they also sent us some really cool T-shirts as a gift.
— We saw your T-shirts. Have you created the design by yourself ?
— That's right. I've always loved fashion design so I was trying to learn about it as much as possible. Actually I was planning to create a few T-shirts just for me but it turned out that the minimum amount of T-shirts for one order was 50. That was obviously too much for me so we tried selling them and fortunately they got sold out pretty much fast. I'm really happy about that and I'll try creating something new in the future.
— Bright green has already become kind of your signature hair color. Are you planning to keep it or try something new?
— Well, it's not really a "bright green". I've always liked the sea color and wanted to dye my hair like that. So that this nice emerald-green color became a part of the concept. As for now I'm already craving for something new so I think both my hair color and the whole image will be changed soon.
— At High School Rapper 3 your cute, friendly personality and politeness really stood out compared to other participants.
— Well, my personality is a little different from most of the rappers. I guess this is kind of my unique feature, I always maintain some positive energy.
— A participant of the show's previous season once said that rappers don't respect idols. Do you agree with that?
— Personally I don't have such prejudices at all. There are idols who make really interesting things and I'm listening to their music from time to time. It's usually those members (or ex-members) of idol groups who also make hip-hop music like ZICO, MINO (WINNER), Bobby (iKON).
— You worked with Youngjae (ex. B.A.P) for his second mini-album. Please, tell us about this collaboration.
— Honestly, I barely knew him till this collaboration. But it was really nice working with him. And I also hope that though this collaboration I've managed to introduce myself to those who don't listen to hip-hop.
— Samuel Seo and you are following each other on Instagram. How did you get to know him?
— I've been being a longtime fan of his music actually. And one day he suddenly contacted me saying that he watched my stage at Mu:con 2019 and really liked it. I was so glad to hear that!
— You are a member of "Aqua" team. Is there anything we can expect from this project?
— Other members of the crew are one of Show Me The Money producers and one of YG producers who worked on Jennie's "Solo". We're kind of a crew which creates hip-hop and pop music. And we're preparing something interesting right now.
— What is "Rookies of KAC"?
This is kind of competition for school students which gives a nice opportunity to show one's talents. I also participated in it and managed to get the first prize. After that I went to Show Me The Money and got the chain. Actually this was the very moment I decided to leave school. I told my mom about my decision right after the show.
You have a lot of tracks uploaded on SoundCloud. Which of them would you recommend to those who are still new to your music?
I don't use SoundCloud for promoting my music, it's just a very convenient platform for storing and demonstrating the tracks which are not to be included into the albums. These are some experimental tracks that I really like so I recommend listening to all of them. Usually I decide on the timing of an uploading beforehand. I'm working with a variety of music genres such as 8-minute-long slow tempo songs, medleys or hip-hop songs. I'd like to continue working with lots of different genres in the future.