PLT IN MOSCOW 08.02.2019
Before I start the main story I'd like to mention that I actually knew nothing about the group earlier. Well, only the facts that all the members do solos and that "they are great". However I pretty much liked their group songs and eventually got excited for the concert as well.
The magic started from the very beginning of the day! I luckily got myself a seat on the train well equipped with outlets and the Internet connection was stable during the whole way to the capital. The weather in Moscow gave me a warm and sunny welcome so that I could enjoy my time in the city with no need to stand in a queue for the concert. And on the top of that, for some reasons I came across the people whom I didn't expect to meet at the venue but was actually very glad to see.

This was a really nice start for one of the best concerts in my life. You may probably think that the whole pre-story wasn't such a necessary thing to tell but in my mind all these small details can be related to the performances. For the first hour the members performed solo which was smoothly followed by duets and group stages with PLT's hit-songs. All the members are so charismatic and have such different auras that for a moment I've got a feeling of attending several separate concerts at a time.

We usually get acquainted with the groups by listening to their group tracks, and then we come deeper to some solo performances. But this time it was all the way round which was a brand-new experience to me. And I do find it very interesting and innovative! I managed to find a performance to my liking and then to see the beautiful combinations it's creating when mixed with others. This is very similar to the fact that I could have a great time with people whom I actually didn't expect to see at this event. Kind of a weird coincidence between me and PLT's music. If you haven't listened to PLT's songs yet or don't know about the group at all, I'd highly recommend you to get acquainted with them as soon as possible. The whole project is so interesting and carried out so well that it will definitely turn heads. I wish them a huge success in other cities, tours and future projects. And I do expect to see PLT once more.
Thank you!