Workshop with PARK JUN HEE
Those who came to the Park Jun Hee's workshops in St. Petersburg on November 7 were definitely the lucky ones!
I think we can say that the endurance of all the visitors was used to its maximum and there were reasons for that.
Never believe the phrases "Five minutes more" and "This choreography will be a little bit hard." Since I even can't say what was harder - the chorography to "Rough" by GFriend, the warming-up or the hip-hop choreo! We should definitely pay tribute to the skills of the choreographer because she managed to create perfect Russian back dancers for GFriend's performances just in 1.5 hours.

Usually I also want to join everyone during the workshops, but this time it was much "safer" to just sit on the sidelines, mentally admiring everything and wishing good luck to the participants. Looking at the efforts of the participants of the workshops, I do wish MNET to create the "PRODUCE RUS" so that Park Jun Hee can be the mentor for Russian dancers.

I hope that St. Petersburg has conquered the hearts of these two wonderful women with its charm and beauty, and Moscow will accept the choreographers with even greater cordiality and warmth.

A huge thanks to Aigoo Russia, that makes it possible for us to meet up with such professionals as Bae Yoon Jung and Park Jun Hee.