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The winners of the Best Top-20 chart in 2020

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Winter 2019 - 2020

Our communication with artists, groups, choreographers and organizers
Interview with Loopy&nafla
Two extremely amazing South Korean rappers were really kind to meet up with us at their company's office in Seoul on June 6th, 2019
Interview with IMFACT
A Korean boy group IMFACT came back to Moscow for another great show on June 12-13th! This time our team got to meet and talk to the members for a while.
Interview with KOFICE
"Feel Korea" is an annual K-Culture festival held across the world. Since 2012, it has been held in Brazil, Canada, Australia, India, Kazakhstan, Laos, and London. KOFICE (Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, The organizer of Feel Korea).
Makestar's Projects
Makestar is an amazing service for supporting K-pop artists. We are happy to have a chance to help their projects. Now Russian fans can be a part of a promotion
Information partners
Korean culture and k-wave is being actively promoted in Russia by a number of professional and reliable teams. "Deerzone" community is glad to have been able to cooperate with them and we are looking forward to other amazing projects!
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