Interview with NewKidd
We had the interview with these wonderful newcomers - NewKidd. They told us about the impressions of the debut year and about interesting talents.
1. NewKidd celebrated their first anniversary not so long ago. What was the most memorable moment the first year had brought to each of you? Were there any interesting episodes your fans don't know of?
Woochul: We are rookies, but we were very grateful for being on the stage of Gangnam Yeongdong-daero Festival. I remember that I practiced until 4 am on that day to prepare for the stage.

Jinkwon: On the day before the first fan signing event after making a debut, I couldn't sleep well by thinking about what to say and what interesting stories to tell to the fans.

Yunmin: I have dreamed of making a debut with our members, so the debut showcase is the most memorable to me.

Hwi: The Soribada Awards stage was the big stage for Newkidd! We got the Next Artist Award there! Next time, I want to receive the Boy Group Award. Fighting!!

2. You've been to South America. Did these countries give you a warm welcome? Tell us about your experience there.
Hwi: The fans were throwing blue roses to the stage, and at that moment my heart was full of happiness and I was really excited.

Jinkwon: I've been to Latin America for the first time, and we were really impressed by fans support on the airport and I was very happy to be able to perform in Latin America with our members.

Woochul: I think I was really happy to watch a cover dance in the middle of our overseas tour. I hope to see you again soon.
3. In K-POP, the eldest member of a group tends to become its leader. But in your case it's Jinkwon, the third eldest one. How was he chosen as a leader?
Woochul: Now in South Korea such a trend. A leader with a middle age is made a leader. It seems to unite the others.
4. Woochul, tell us, please, how did you get the nickname The Little Prince?
Jinkwon: During the promotion of "BOY BOY BOY," we had blonde hair. And fans said Woochul looked like a little prince. He really looked very sweet and mysterious.
5. Your fans are looking forward for a new album. Tell us, please, when we can possibly get it? Do you have any tiny spoilers to share with your fans?
Woochul: Soon our fans will be able to enjoy our creativity. And if about secrets, then we plan to try a new sexual concept.
7. Jinkwon,Have you been in Moscow? Tell us about your impressions and what did you do?
Jinkwon: First of all, the Russian landscape was so beautiful that I wanted to show it to our fans. So I was filmed a Christmas video there. In order to give a gift , I shopped at a department store to buy a gift and ate dessert. It was really tasty.
8. You have cool suits. Do you participate in creating a style?
Hwi: Yes, we check fashion trends and discuss our clothes for performances and future concepts. We also make decorations for ourselves. In between preparations, we ourselves buy and create accessories.
9. You are a model of the KAPPA brand. Who would you like to work with?
Yunmin: We enjoy working with KAPPA. They have comfortable and cool clothes. In the future, I would like to collaborate with cosmetic brands.
10. Which member communicates with the fans the most?
Woochul: All our members are trying to communicate with the fans. Among them, our leader JinKwon is thinking about how to communicate with fans a little more.
11. How does your usual work week looks like when you're not promoting. Tell us about your free time.
Woochul: I take an online class and then practice in the afternoon.

Jinkwon: I'm watching a K-drama these days. Senior Park Sae-Roi! I enjoy watching the Itaewon class.

Hwi: I'm into a movie these days. Especially I am addicted to the movies 'Romeo and Juliet' featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. Everyone take a look.

Yunmin: I was training in the gym. I worked out shoulders, shoulder blades and arms.
12. What were you doing during the self-quarantine period in Korea?
Woochul: In order to develop myself, I am doing self-development such as acting, dancing, singing, and rap that I lack.

Jinkwon: I have practiced hard in the practice room with our members and practicing our song 'COME'.

Hwi: I take on online classes hard these days.

Yunmin: We made various contents such as fashion and cooking. We also uploaded online dance class videos. I hope you will learn our COME choreography and watch a lot of our song 'COME' MV also.