MONSTA X in Amsterdam
As a part of MONSTA X's 2nd world tour "THE CONNECT" the group visited Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and met up with their fans at AFASLive concert hall on June, 20. We were also honoured to witness this longed-for meeting. And we can assure you that the event was 150% worth to visit!
Despite some unfortunate slip in numbering system which caused troubles for both the staff and the fans, it seemed like Monbebes were still having fun while standing in the queue. Here and there one could see people chatting and laughing. There also was a special fan project prepared by MONSTA X's Dutch fanbase. Everyone could get a banner which the fans were later showing at the concert in order to support the group and to celebrate #1000DaysWithMonbebe which took place on June, 21. Some fans have also prepared small projects of their own and were handing out candies, self-made thematic cards and uchiwas. We hope everyone was able to make new friends that day.
First thing we were amazed about was the amount of people coming to the venue. So many Monbebes (MONSTA X's fandom name) came to support their beloved group and enjoy their live performance! The line was stretching along the whole building and even reached the road. There were a lot of Dutch Monbebes in the queue – people from all over the country came to see the concert! But we also could see fans who came from abroad. Among them there were a lot of German, French and Russian fans in whose countries MONSTA X held concerts last year. This had fully proved us the overwhelming popularity of the group in Europe!
And still the most desirable thing for all the fans was surely the concert!
Now we can say it without hesitation that MONSTA X is definitely the kind of group that makes a person forget all bad and unhappy things as soon as they appear on the stage. Using both their overwhelming charisma and their gorgeous white Svarovsky suits all 7 members were literally shining! As soon as they started with their first song "Jealousy" and Jooheon greeted the audience with his usual "Make some noise~", the atmosphere in the hall changed completely. We could see fans raising their lightsticks up, singing along the songs and cheering the group up.
The concert lasted for about 2.5 hours and during that time MONSTA X had shown their fans 23 amazing stages literally covering their Monbebes with the wave of love and fanservice. All the speeches were translated into English but the members themselves also didn't hesitate to show their language skills and spoke English and Dutch a lot which made their fans really happy. The guys were talking about their experience in Amsterdam a lot. For example, Shownu, Jooheon and I.M visited Beyonce and Jay Z's concert which took place a day before their own. Other members also seem to have had a nice time in the city and you can still enjoy some photos from Amsterdam they've posted on their official Twitter page (don't hesitate to follow their page as well!). And still all the members agreed that their fans were the most charming view of the city!
It's really hard to chose the song we liked the most during the concert since all the performances were so bright and unique. Fans were really happy to hear both MONSTA X's old and new songs – almost all the songs from their two latest albums were included into the concert's setlist!
Everyone fanchanted along the powerful "DRAMARAMA", waved hands during emotional "Gravity" and "Lost in the Dream", jumped and danced during "Rush-Special-Trespass" segment and sang along the group's soft ballad songs like "White Love" and "If Only" which had been composed by the members Jooheon and Wonho. We also shouldn't forget about 3 perfect unit stages that were performed during the show. Starting from cute and refreshing song "I do you" ("Neol hada" composed by Wonho) performed by Wonho, Minhyuk and Kihyun and continuing with two beautiful and sexy performances by units Shownu-Jooheon and Hyungwon-I.M who did covers to the well-known songs by Bruno Mars, Drake and Charlie Puth, all the members did great job! All seven of them are real professionals who always work hard to show their best to the audience. The way they treat their fans with respect and care is also admirable! It was especially noticeable when they were happily watching the green ocean of banners the fans prepared for them, kindly laughing at a small mistake Monbebe did during "Because of U" and tried to wave their hands from the backstage even when the concert had been already over. All of these had surely created a very positive impression to us! We hope MONSTA X will become even more successful in the future!
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