Tell us about your debut single DEAR.
LUCY: The First Single Album, <Dear.> is a 'Say hello' to our listeners and an invitation letter to LUCY's world. The Title song 'Flowering' is to notice about spring to start the season, and the band LUCY. It is a band pop with lyrical violin melodies and clearly fresh sounds.

JTBC SuperBand has revealed a lot of talented bands to us. Do you think bands will become trend again as they were in the days of FT Island and CNBLUE?
LUCY: Of course. Recently, various bands are appeared with trendy and popular musics. We are very happy to this trend (many bands are turned up through many channels). We want to stand the band music from now on.

Hi, I'm Yechan. I'm LUCY's leader and a violinist.
Yechan, you are a highlight of the group. There are not so many rock bands in the world with a violinist. Do you feel special in the group?

Yechan: It's a very special to me. Other band team has an electronic guitarist but I replace that position as a violinist. I think a violin is lead instrument to our music. Thanks to the violin's color, our music genre has to been abundant.

Yechan, why did you started playing the violin?

Yechan: I followed my mother, who was a minor violin major, and started playing the violin at the recommendation of a teacher there. I learned how to tune violin by myself.

What kinds of relationships did you have with the other groups from the show? What do you think was your best performance on the show?
LUCY: We are very familiar. When other people see us, they say 'You guys look like a family!' The final stage, 'Flare' was the best.

Tell us briefly about your reasons of coming to this show.
Yechan: I wanted to join a band as a violinist.

Sangyeop: I wanted to meet people who can interact musically.

It was my last band challenge. It was like a graduation exam for me.

Gwangil: When I participated this audition, I had been as a trainee at the company. I thought it was my last try.

Hi, I'm Sangyeop. I'm the main vocal of LUCY.
Sangyeop, you studied to be an engineer. How did you choose a music career?

Sangyeop: My major was a chemical engineering, but when I was discharged from the army I wanted to learn about music. At that time, I had a pride suddenly, I've began to learn music. So I'd entered the company which was making a drama background music or original soundtrack. From that time I've improved music skill.

Sangyeop, before your debut in LUCY, you released a lot of solo songs and OST's. It started with a duo with Ken from VIXX. Do you keep in touch with him?

Sangyeop: I messaged to him when 'Flowering' was launched. He and I made a promise to meet as soon as possible. I'm always very grateful to him, and he sometimes said about me when he participated a radio channel as a guest. I've also spoken about him.

You inspire a lot of people! What would you recommend for them for starting to be producer/singer/dancer?
Yechan: I recommend the street performing called 'Busking'.

If you decide to learn the music, I want to say to them 'A rolling stone gathers no moss'.

'Hard-working' is the best way to start music.

Does the company approve your communication with fans on Instagram?
LUCY: Our company 'MYSTIC STORY' is free to use social network service. They always support us what we want.

Hi, I'm Wonsang. I produce LUCY music, and play bass.
Wonsang, 3 of your arrangements for the show were marked by original artists. It is especially impressive that Coldplay praised you. What did you feel at that moment?

Wonsang: I couldn't believe, and still I can't believe. If the God has showed up in front of me, I think It's the same feeling.

Wonsang, you are a great producer. Which artists would you like to write songs for?

Wonsang: I couldn't believe, and still I can't believe. If the God has showed up in front of me, I think It's the same feeling.

What inspires you to create new music?

Wonsang: I've gathered memories. When I make a music I reminisce about the past, and take out my memories. It helps me to make a good music. Also, when I go to bed, I occur to many ideas.

What is your fandome name?
LUCY: 'WALWAL'. 'WALWAL' is a Korean, cute barking sound, Russian 'Гав-гав' is similar. Because our team name was made in our puppy's name 'LUCY'. Therefore puppy LUCY and fan WALWAL are a couple.

How many days and nights should we wait for your new music?
LUCY: Maybe we can meet when the seasons change.

What concept would you like to try for your comeback? Maybe some hard rock like Skillet. They also used a violin in their songs.
LUCY: We are interested in Hip hop, EDM and other genres too, therefore we want to make a new musics on that genres too.

Hi, I'm Gwangil. I'm drummer and vocal of LUCY.
Gwangil, you play both drums and guitar. But why did you choose drums as the main instrument?

Gwangil: I want to fill out band with another sound. I think drum was a key to make a various sounds. So I decided to play the drum.

Gwangil, you lived in Peru for a while. How did you end up there? What do you remember the most about living in this country?

Gwangil: The experience that I've been in Peru was a fantastic. I also made a band in Peru with my friends, and was excited that time. I decided to make a music in Korea, thefore I ended up there life naturally.

When you have a tour, is there any chance that you will come to Russia?
LUCY: Of course! When Russia call us, we go without any hesitation. And we want to make a chance meeting the Russia fans.

Do members of your band have nicknames?
Yechan: Bruni (the lizard in Frozen 2) (he has a similarity with him).

YEOPMOM (Because his role in the team is mother, the compound word is made. With my name 'Yeop' and 'mom').

Wonsang: Raccoon (his face looks like a raccoon).

Gwangil: Unfair Character (Everyone says I do well in everything such as sing a song, play the drum and bass guitar. So my members and fans call me 'Unfair Character').

What artists would you like to work with?
Yechan: IU

Sangyeop: Baekho Choi

Wonsang: Honne

Gwangil: The Chainsmokers

What was the most difficult for you before the debut?
LUCY: The burden from first debut album, and sorry to our fans who waited us for a long time.

Say something for your Russian fans.
LUCY: We hope to meet the Russia fans, and let hear our music. When the 'COVID-19' is ended we wish to visit Russia. Thanks for your love, we've got a pride to make music. We've more tried hard to meet you. Thanks.