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Two extremely amazing South Korean rappers were really kind to meet up with us at their company's office in Seoul on June 6th, 2019
A hip-hop label MKIT RAIN is now well-known as a home for such artists as Loopy, nafla, Owen Ovadoz, BLOO, Young West and DJ FLOJEE. These artists are very popular among Korean audience and they are planning to conquer the whole world with their music.
On June 10th, Loopy&nafla released the album "LooFla" demonstrating their awesome music and experimental sound. You can listen to their new tracks on various streaming services or the label's official channel.
We've held a 40-minutes interview with the artists. The conversation turned out so fun and interesting that we decided not to take anything out! So now both parts of it (video and text versions) are available for you to see.

In the video interview Loopy&nafla will talk about their new album and in the text interview they will answer the questions of our special reporter Monica Lee. Please, enjoy this interview with us
Interview with Loopy&nafla
- Let's go back to the time when you were teenagers.
What music did you listen to? Was it American hip-hop or Korean hip-hop that had an influence on your style?
Loopy: I used to listen to J-Pop and J-Rock actually.
nafla: "Jay Park"?
Loopy: Not Jay Park. J-POP! (laughs).
nafla: He speaks Japanese fluently.

#deerzone: Oh, really?
Loopy: That's right (in Japanese). I was studying Japanese and that's why I listened to J-Pop. When I was at school I listened to J-Pop and J-Rock a lot.

#deerzone: Were you practicing your Japanese like that?
Loopy: Yes, definitely.
- I see. And what about you, nafla? How did you become a rapper? I mean, what music did you listen to when it came to you like "Oh, that's it! I want to do this. I want to be as dope as this rapper"?
nafla: I used to listen to Korean hip-hop a lot when I was in middle school. Like CB Mass, Dynamic Duo, Honey Family. And then one of our members, Young West, who was rapping at some other district back then, contacted me saying that he liked my rap. We started chatting and he introduced American hip-hop to me. Like Big L, Biggie Smalls and so on. After that I finally started liking the flavor of American hip-hop and that's when I started listening to Big L, Biggie Smalls, 2pac... who else? Wiz Khalifa was popping back then.

#deerzone: He is still popping!

nafla: Yeah, but he was more of a rookie that time. A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Drake, J.Cole were popping as well. Nowdays some other rookies are popping.
- Do you participate in rap battles? You know, those with dissing and stuff.
Loopy: No...
nafla: I like watching them but I don't want to be part of it. I'd rather stay watching only.
Loopy: You know, one doesn't necessarily need to be good at rap battles in hip hop industry.
nafla: But this is entertaining.
Loopy: Yes it is. Fighting each other...(laughs)
- Can you, please, name three best rappers in Korea? Your own top-3.
nafla: nafla...(laughs)
#deerzone: Sure! Number one!

nafla: Should I talk about the rappers who are active at present or just on the whole?
#deerzone: You can choose anyone you want.

nafla: Throughout the whole genre... hmm... that's a hard question. Excluding us, because I don't think this is going to be fun, I really like Gaeko, he is one of my favorite artists. And Dynamic Duo on the whole if you can take it as a one pick. Then Beenzino! And... I was thinking about The Quiett or Dok2 because they've changed a lot of stuff. Oh, and Jay Park too.

#deerzone: They were really innovative!
nafla: Exactly. It's not about the rapping skills but they made this platform for the nowadays' rappers. Well, Jay Park helped this genre to go worldwide, he was one of the innovators doing that. Tiger JK brought it up to the mainstream in Korea. The Dok2 brought it up again with his flexing and everything. So there are a lot of people I respect. Not because they are best in rapping... it's actually very hard to say who among them is the best. But those are the rappers I do respect a lot.

#deerzone: Thank you. What about you, Loopy?
Loopy: nafla, Beenzino, GD.
nafla: Oh, GD!
Loopy: Yes, I remember nafla saying that GD is the best in his field, his art form. Some people may say he's doing K-POP but I don't want to divide his works to genres. GD is just doing his thing.
nafla: He made his own K-POP. There are a lot of people who follow what he does.

#deerzone: Not the mainstream K-POP but something a little bit different, right?
nafla: Yeah, it's just his own style. I think he is doing his best.
Loopy: GD is hip-hop!
- And do you listen to any non-hiphop artists nowadays? Except those times when you're preparing a new album, of course! What music do you like? Maybe K-POP? Or rock? Because Loopy said he liked J-Pop and J-Rock as a student.
nafla: Our members, obviously. BLOO, Young West and Owen Ovadoz.
#deerzone: Although they are not really rookies but still...
nafla: Yes. As for the other people... I'd mention Ash Island.
#deerzone: Yes, he is cool.
nafla: Yeah, I was like "Wow, he is doing something else!". What he was doing felt like Japanese anime...this kind of thing.

#deerzone: And what about you, Loopy?
Loopy: Hm... Chillin Homie? There's a rapper called Chillin Homie. He was actually a MKIT RAIN's fan when he was young. And it makes me happy that he's found his inspiration in us.
- Can we talk about idol rappers? Most of our followers are interested in K-POP as well so I wanted to ask your opinion on idol rappers. You know, there are a lot of prejudices about them. Some people say they can't rap at all. But there are idol rappers who actually do rap pretty well. What do you think about that? Could you maybe define a few idols whom you consider good rappers?
nafla: Well, obviously, GD is our number one. As for the groups...

#deerzone: You can just name a member.
Loopy: MINO.
nafla: Oh, yeah, he is good.

#deerzone: Okay! And what about Bobby? Isn't he from America as well?
nafla: Yeah, I think he is from somewhere in America too. But usually I don't judge idol rappers separately from their group. Unless they come out as solo artists. Otherwise I can only see them as one group with their chemistry and some other routine. So I don't judge them as rappers, I judge them as one group doing their thing. I really respect them and I think Korea is doing great at training such a perfect quality idols. They are really good at their thing.
They are getting trained for like 7 years which is really hard you know. And no matter how good or bad their rap skills are they are still doing their thing and it's working! Like... BTS is making history now! And many people are coming to Korea because of them.

#deerzone: Yeah, everyone is crazy about BTS. They are such a phenomena!
nafla: And I really respect them. I really learn a lot from idols too. Their moves, their marketing skills, their MVs... I'm just trying to learn from different aspects.
You can find even more interesting information in our special video interview
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