How did your career as an artist begin?
Initially, I wanted to become a professional drummer, I even entered the university for this specialty, despite the high cost. Since many guys at the university had an additional specialty, I decided to try it too and took technical music (producing).
Who are you producing for?
I often help in producing songs, as was the case with Soran. I also worked with Choi Jung Yoon, Jimin Park, Lee MinHyuk and Corduroy. But one of the most difficult and interesting was the song Jimin Park. This song, from start to finish, was asked to create by Park Jin Young (JYP) myself. It was a very interesting experience.
What do you like more: to produce or to perform?
I like everything, but most comfortable in producing. This is not only fascinating, but it gives me the opportunity to work with different people, to create something new.
Tell me about your style?
I really like vintage things like my father's camera. Many people like modern technology, but I like things from the last century. And this applies not only to the material. For example, I like to record sounds for my music myself. Despite the fact that this is a rather time-consuming job, I still prefer to do so rather than using ready-made electronic material.
Does inspiration come from life?
Yes it is. I try to write songs based on real stories. Therefore, 90% of my work is events that really happened.
In October, you released the single "Prayer" with Lee MinHyuk and dawn is coming. This song is related to your mom. Tell this story?
Once I was watching Youtube, and I saw a rather interesting video in the recommendations. In this video, a person received treatment, but despite this radiated a lot of energy. It was pretty hard to watch, sometimes my tears even flowed. And while I watched this video, I thought a lot about my mom, since she has a similar disease. When it was discovered, I studied in America. Despite this, she told me not to come. I repeated that I would come, to which she replied: "No need, everything is fine with me. You must finish training." And this video reminded me of that time. So I decided to write this song as a gift for her.
There are a lot of cameras and cats on your Instagram.
Taking photos is my hobby that I enjoy doing. I also love cats very much, that's why I take so many photos with them. The camera itself came from my father. Of course, I would like to someday open my exhibition. But, for now, I have a personal album, divided into four parts, where I also put materials that used photos taken by me. For my fourth performance, I was thinking of putting out something. Unfortunately, this requires money, so it did not work out.
What is your favorite song?
No, there's no such song. But in the song 'Turnin' I used the click sound of the camera shutter. I also used the sound of Hongdae station in the intro to my song. It looked very strange, since I walked around the station with a computer and a microphone. People reacted very funny to this: "What is he doing there?" I was so embarrassed that I missed my station and went into the next carriage.

Another funny fact. While studying in America, I lived in Boston. I wrote about this song of the same name, where there is a line about how I miss my cat May. Sometimes I call her Maya Papaya. In the song you can hear her meow.
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