Feel Korea 2018
"Feel Korea" is an annual K-Culture festival held across the world. Since 2012, it has been held in Brazil, Canada, Australia, India, Kazakhstan, Laos, and London. KOFICE (Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, The organizer of Feel Korea).
Jun 8 | Friday
20.00 – 22.00
MegaSport Arena
— Will "Feel Korea in Moscow" be different compared to your previous events in other countries? Could you tell us about any aspects that will make this event special?
— A lot of K-pop fans from all over the world visited the "Feel Korea" festival, which was created by KOFICE in 2013, in such countries as Canada, Australia, India, Kazakhstan, Laos and Great Britain. Since Russian fans have been showing an incredibly passionate interest in K-pop we've decided to chose Russia as this year's venue for the festival. We've heard that due to various reasons such as linguistic divide or lack of local contacts it seems difficult for most K-pop stars to visit this country. However I've found out that Russian admirers of Korean wave themselves have been organizing lots of events to show their love for Korean culture. We would like to give them an opportunity to feel real K-pop and Korean culture and to fuel their interest in Korea on the whole.

Actually, while preparing for the festival we were once more amazed by Russian K-pop fans' enthusiasm. 8 000 seats were sold out in a few minutes! This time "Feel Korea" cooperates with professionals who are taking part in creating such music programmes as SBS Popular Pop and K-POP STAR. K-pop stars like Sunmi, KARD, Snuper and Imfact are often being invited to these music shows as well. We are looking forward to "Feel Korea in Moscow" and hope it will recieve international fans' support!
— This event is being prepared by a very close-knit team. How do you create such a friendly and trust-based atmosphere in your group?
— I'm so happy you've mentioned that! Indeed, the most important aspect of Feel Korea is that this is not only a performance but also an opportunity to communicate with fans through cultural exchange. Unlike other concerts where singers just sing their famous songs, Feel Korea allows fans to create a special performance together with the artists and sometimes artists themselves try to be closer to their fans by visiting different countries and promoting Korean culture (please, look forward to the event and a special collaboration with the artists at the festival in Moscow). This will be a good experience for both fans and artists, and will also demonstrate that Feel Korea is still remembered and supported. Fans from all over the world are showing their huge support of the festival, they are our friends and family.
— What kind of response are you expecting from people coming to the festival?
— We hope that many Russian fans will be able to feel the significance of the moment when about 10 000 people are gathering together to share their love for K-pop. And I hope that Feel Korea will be able to give you something new, so you will want to learn more about Korea and its culture in the future. It goes without saying that we are kindly asking you to show your greatest support to Korean artists visiting Russia for the first time, so that they never forget Moscow! ^^
— We really wonder if you are planning to make more events in the future. Could you take the lid off a little bit?
— KOFICE are planning to continue creating various events of cultural exchange. Given the fact that Russia and Korea will celebrate their 30 years anniversary of diplomatic intercourse in 2020, we will most likely have an opportunity to reunitewith Russian fans at various events in the future. So far, we cannot say anything for sure, but we are kindly asking you to keep your eyes on Korea and KOFICE!
— How have you come up with an idea of creating "Feel Korea"?
— When we were just starting with Feel Korea, K-pop was popular only in some Asian countries such as Japan, China and Taiwan. So we decided to visit a country where people weren't that intensely involved into Korean wave or had a relatively low interest in Korea, and to introduce Korean culture to them. However, the reason we've decided to visit other countries is not only to promote Korean culture, but also to allow artists to communicate with their international fans and create such an atmosphere when people from both countries can open to each other.
— What do you consider the main difficulty in organizing Korean culture events in Russia?
— The main difficulty will probably be the necessity of organizing events abroad. KOFICE doesn't have a foreign subsidiary, so it seems very difficult to find information about other countries and reliable partners to cooperate with. It was especially difficult to organize an event that was to take place just before the World Cup, we had hard times finding a suitable venue and stuff. Nevertheless, we met a lot of nice people, including students who volunteered to help us with preparations for the festival in Russia.
— Russia is often stereotypically associated with "Siberia's severe cold". Were Korean guest-stars afraid of such things when you invited them to join the event in Russia?
— Well, there surely are some stereotypes, but actually the weather in Moscow is nice in June, especially during the World Cup. Korean stars are also looking forward to Feel Korea and the atmosphere the festival will create.
— Would you personally like to come back to Russia as a tourist?
— While preparing for this event, we were really glad to meet a lot of Russian people who love Korean culture. Russians are often stereotypically thought of as rude people, so I'd like to let people around me know that this country is actually passionate and welcoming. Personally, I'd like to come back to Russia and visit some world-famous event demonstrating Russian culture next time ^^