Kim Jung In

Interview with choreographer and winner of various competitions and the youngest professor in 서울호서예술전문학교
1) Full name: Kim Jung In (김정인)
2) Dance studio:DA'ONEZ STUDIO
3) Instagram: @d_feelin
4) Favourite artist: Crush
5) Interesting facts:
- worked with Taemin (SHINee) and BIGFLO
- had his own small fashion brand JAY&BEE and worked with BTS's stylist
1) Your schedule is full-booked for 7 months ahead. Please, tell us how your schedule is created and what it depends on.

I always take care of my schedule myself. I create it and make corrections once in a few days if I have any contracts, performances or workshops planned.
2) Do you have (or maybe had in the past) a favorite dancer and choreographer?

I just like everyone who dances! Nevermind their skills and style.
3) Do dance trainings usually take place late at night or early in the morning? What is the reason for that?
Since dancers in Korea need to practise a lot people usually work during the day and have their dance trainings in the evening or at night. When I was attending school I had to stay there till 6 p.m. So I only had time to practise in the evening or at night. And then I'd sleep at school during the day. I've already got used to it and such a lifestyle is quite common for most the dancers in Korea.
4) Is any dancer able to become a good choreographer to you opinion?
Being a dancer and being a choreographer are quite different things. But I think that every dancer who is skillful enough can become a choreographer. In Korea all the dancers need to create their performances by themselves and also take part in various freestyle battles. This is what we call the practise.
5) Is there someone (or something) that inspired you to become a choreographer?

F: When I was a child I happened to watch one of Michael Jackson's performances and completely fell in love with what he was doing. So I decided to quit football and start studying dancing. I even persuaded my brother into taking lessons with me because I felt a little bit awkward at that time. Like that!