14 - 15 may
KBEE 2018 Global
The exhibition was hosted by Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) representatives of which made these two days in Moscow's Crocus City Hall completely unforgettable. We managed to visit the event and glad to share our take away from it.
As soon as we entered the hall we saw a show-bench demonstrating various cultural aspects of South Korea on our left. The exhibition was well thought-out to provide goods that could catch the interest of both K-POP, hip-hop music, Korean drama (series) fans and beauty-industry lovers.

There was a wide variety of goods presented, from health tourism programs to frying pans and tooth brushes. We spend a lot of time wandering around an area where skin care cosmetics and various accessories popular among Korean stars' stylists were presented.

In K-POP area everyone could find official merch from the group's past fan-meetings and other events. We especially liked a shirt with badges which we found among NCT127's staff-goods. In the hall there also was a bright presentation mount provided by official representatives and distributors from South Korea.
It was a brilliant idea to combine a business exhibition and an artistic event! Here and there we could see stands with various pictures of the event's guest stars. Visitors had a great opportunity to take a lot of photos and they obviously didn't hesitate to do so. Some show-benches provided their visitors with nice presents! Needless to say that one should stand in a long queue to get them but a lot of people became the owners of really cool stuff in the end.
And still the free concert was surely the greatest present. The opening ceremony started at 4:30 PM. After all thank-you speeches were said the star-"embassadors" appeared on the stage.
People's hearts melted when all the representatives of the exhibition joined hands and L from INFINITE awkwardly shook hands with a representative from Russia. The audience also enjoyed several performances by a group of lovely girls in Russian traditional cloth and by Russian K-POP coverdance team X.east. And then finally the K-POP concert started!
NCT127 were the first group to perform! People sang along their songs so loudly that we could barely hear the singers themselves.Cheered by the audience the group performed 5 songs and amazed everyone with their perfect dancing skills and overwhelming energy. Before the concert started there were some music videos shown on the screen. We noticed that much more people sang along NCT127's songs than along "jebal dashi naege naege dorawa jwo..." ("Tell Me" by INFINITE). So we came to an obvious conclusion that the audience is mostly represented by NCTzens (NCT127's fans) and not by Inspirits (INFINITE's fans).

But we were completely wrong! It probably was the magical effect of Woohyun's solo performance that turned every single person in the concert hall into INFINITE's fan but as soon as the song started the atmosphere changed significantly. Some people stood up, some people were jumping and waving their lightsticks and booklets. The group made their performance even more special by coming off the stage during one of their songs and "communicating" with the audience.

We were a little bit envy to the lucky fans who got a hi-five or a hug. INFINITE's performance left a really nice impression. We were glad to see the shining Pearl Metal Gold Ocean made by lightsticks and phones and listen to the fans singing along the group's touching songs. It's a pity that INFINITE didn't come to Russia in their full complement but we do hope to see both NCT127 and INFINITE in our country again!
Press Confirence and Autograph Session
Since the SM Entertainment officials had stated that only 100%-mass media were allowed to the NCT127's press conference we managed to enter the hall by the skin of our teeth. The atmosphere in the hall could have been a little bit more relaxed if a security guard hadn't tried to pick away a camera of a girl standing next to us. All NCT127's members looked very concentrated. Especially those who were sitting on the right. The left side headed by Johnny tried to lighten things up.

It was a welcome surprise to the guys to see fans cheering them up from the second floor of the Crocus City Hall. During the press conference NCT127 answered to the questions which were selected beforehand. So it was basically a dialogue between the anchor and the group which seems quite unusual for a press conference. Unfortunately the press itself didn't get an opportunity to ask any questions.
Our live streaming started from Ha Ji Won's autograph session. A lot of people noticed that the actress is really gorgeous, smiles brightly and loves her fans very much. Gladly, we could make photos during the autograph session!
After Ha Ji Won's autograph session it was INFINITE's turn. This time the mass media weren't separated from the fans so we stood just next to INFINITE's fansites which were kind enough to make some room for us if needed. The members of the group seemed to be in a good mood! Sungjong posed to every camera he saw, Dongwoo, on the other side, was moving all the time which ended up in lots of blurred pictures.
Woohyun looked quite concentrated, but didn't miss a single opportunity to show his love to the fans by throwing hearts to them. It seemed to us that Sungyeol was attending not an autograph session but an Armany's photoshooting, so hot he was. And Myungsoo (L) was smiling adorably to the fans. After getting the autographs some fans cried from happiness which created a really warm atmosphere in the hall and left a nice impression.
We would like to express our gratitude to all the people who worked hard to make the event successful by solving various matters of dispute and being ready to meet it halfway. We do hope that nobody went the event ungifted away, all businessmen found new distributors and Korean wave lovers got an unforgettable experience. We also made some meaningful contacts during these two days and hope that this event will help us to successfully promote Korean culture in Russia.