A Korean boy group IMFACT came back to Moscow for another great show on June 12-13th! This time our team got to meet and talk to the members for a while.
You're traveling a lot this year. Do you have enough time for a sightseeing?
What did you like the most about the cities you've visited and what would you like to see in Moscow?
TAEHO: We've just wrapped up our Europe tour. We've been to Spain, Poland, Greece and the Netherlands. Amsterdam was probably the best out of these cities. And we also became the first K-POP group who performed in Greece. We saw the Parthenon there and I think it's great that we've got to see a lot while touring.

JIAN: It's our second time in Moscow. During our first visit we really wanted to see the famous Red Square but unfortunately it was closed for some event. Now we have more free time so we'll be really happy to finally see the Red Square.

Not only the Red Square, Moscow itself is really beautifil at night. Especially when they turn the building illumination on.
Since it's already IMFACT's second time in Russia what Russian words have you learned so far?
TAEHO: "Ya tib'ya l'ubl'u". This means "I like you".
SANG: There is one more word we use quite often...
JIAN: "Shashlik".
SANG: What does that mean?
TAEHO: It's the dish he wants to eat right now!
SANG: There is one more basic word that is used frequently. "Spasiba" ("Thank you" in Russian).
JIAN: "Spasiba"
SANG: What else do we know?
JIAN: "Zdravstvuyte" ("Hello" in Russian)?
SANG: That's right. "Zdravstvuyte".
Your song "NANANA" received a huge response from K-POP lovers all over the world including Russia. Why this song got to be so appreciated by fans to your opinion?
According to our subscribers' votes the song entered the top-10 songs that should have received more attention in 2018.
SANG: First of all, I'd like to say that such a response is a huge achievement for our group. It seems that both the producer and the members focused a lot on the song's details, its lyrics, the vibration while recording the track. I remember this quite well. I think the fans liked our song because each of us put a lot of effort into it.

Even at the recording stage we already liked the song a lot. And despite the fact that not all the fans could understand the lyrics at first, I think that our faith and confidence have reached their hearts.

Would you prefer working with the same music style or trying something new?
UNGJAE: Whatever song we release it's always IMFACT's style of music. Therefore, we'll do our best to show you the songs we've created in the future. If the majority considers those songs a new style then so be it. But since we are the ones creating the song we believe that all our songs have IMFACT's style of music.

We cannot say that our new song will sound like "NANANA" but we promise to show you our upgraded image and a better song with our new comeback!

Recently you've been releasing various covers and solo MVs. Is any of you thinking of a solo album or a mixtape?
SANG: Every member has a strong desire to work and develop as a group. But since we should consider each other's individuality I think we'll eventually start working on our individual projects as well.

As for now all of us are focused on our group activities so I just want to cherish that moment and enjoy this time with the members. And later there will be time for each of us to show our individuality.
Are there members who would do great as an actor or an MC for example?
JIAN: I believe that every member has his own charm while performing and has his own talents off the stage as well. Be it appearance at some entertaining programm, MCing or acting all our members would succed if they have a chance. And what do you, guys, think? Any thoughts like "I want this member to do this" or "This is what I like about him"?

Personally, I'd like Sang and Jeup to try acting. Sang will be good for a drama and Jeup will be good for a sitcom. I think everything would go smoothly since both of them are really talented.

Indeed, all our members are very talented. I believe Taeho would be a nice MC. Also, Jian is currently studying acting and he's doing great. As for Ungjae, he's good at turning his thoughts into beautiful speeches so he'd also succeed as an MC. We'll try our best in any activity!

I also have a suggestion. There is one popular children programm like "Pororo" in Korea which is hosted by Hyun Chang Chung. This guy is really famous. Personally, I think this programm suits Taeho a lot.

When you said "personally" I thought you were going to talk about yourself (laughs)
Who likes working out the most? What parts are you most focused on?
JIAN: I prefer strength building. By the way, I spent some time in a jym after arriving to Moscow yesterday. To tell the truth, I have kind of disballanced physique. So I started working out to make my body proportional and eventually fell for this kind of activity. Now I feel uncomfortable if I miss at least one day of training.
What are your plans for the future?
JEUP: We have quite a few plans to begin with. For example, we are soon going to the USA. And to Japan too, although we often go there. I mean that we are in a middle of our tour now so it is assumed that there will be many interesting events for our foreingn fans. And we are also working on our Korean comeback. We cannot yet say exactly when it will happen, but we will do our best to come back as soon as possible.

Yes, we are gradually preparing for our comeback as well. We'll do it as soon as we feel that our new album is good enough and ready to be released. And we will work hard in order not to make you wait long!