IMFACT in Moscow
A South Korean group IMFACT debuted on the 27th of January 2016 and arrived to Moscow two years later.
Members of the group seemed to be completely captivated by the capital of Russia, especially by varenyky (Russian stuffed dumplings) and shashlik (shish kebab). And, of course, vodka... But we believe that one thing was much more to their "taste".
It was surely Russian hospitality the guys could feel on June, 7 during a workshop held at the Korean Cultural
Center. It's hard to describe how surprised were all those people who were preparing for the flashmob that day and got such a present instead. On the other hand, the members themselves were really surprised by watching people dancing to the choreography for their song "빛나".

Convinced that people in the hall could follow the fanciful choreography for this "lingering in mind" song, the members decided to teach everyone the choreography to the song "FIRE" by BTS. The most confident participants were later performing in front of IMFACT and the winner got a chance to take a photo with the group.
According to the words of the group's leader, after dancing to such a "hot" choreography, the audience was turned up enough to do some quizes and games. In order to make people more acquainted with the K-pop music, IMFACT divided the audience into two teams and played a "charades"-like game. One of the members was dancing to a fragment of a K-pop song, and two teams were guessing the exact song. The "right" team won the game and got the group's signed CDs as a reward.
During the workshop everyone also had an opportunity to ask a few questions to the group. People were eager to know if IMFACT were going to come with a full concert one day and got quite a specific answer. The members said that they can make one this year, but only if there are at least 10 000 fans coming to the concert. We assured them that we can do that, so... all we need to do now is to wait for the announcement, right? Well, at least Russian fans have already had a hi-touch session during the workshop! The group was really happy to meet their fans and thanked everyone for the opportunity to be here.
IMFACT were also the first performers on June, 8. Their performance can be described as highly explosive and bright. The beginning of their first song was already enough to turn the audience up. We saw a lot of people standing in the fanzone and trying to dance along with the members. Moreover the guys interacted with the audience a lot, acted cute and were really amiable.

Personally I was very impressed by the group, because all its members have their unique personality and charm. One has a wonderful deep voice and I really wanted to guide another one around St. Petersburg... Well, we just wanted to make friends with all the members, after we first met up with the group. And we really hope that IMFACT will be receiving more love and come back to our country with a concert.