South Korean indie-rock band HYUKOH successfully finished their European tour with the album "24: How to find true love and happiness"! The group's last stop was the concert in Moscow on March 15. This was the first time HYUKOH came to Russia and we do hope that they enjoyed those few days spent in Moscow just as much as Russian fans enjoyed the group's incredible concert.
HYUKOH Concert in Moscow
For me personally this concert became a really special event, the warmest of all the events I've ever managed to attend, the kindest and the most "right" one. HYUKOH is a band that has caught my attention by their very first album, and since then I have always followed their activities. These are young guys who have started their career performing on Hongdae, and now they are touring around with concerts receiving love from their fans all around the world. Their today's concerts are so natural and soulful which has most probably become the result of the group's street performances in the past.

Looking at HYUKOH with all their high fashion style and very atmospheric music videos, one cannot even imagine the members to be so simple and kind on stage! The guys became one with their audience showing literally the best live performance and leaving a strong impression with their uncommon music. Indeed, the songs performed live by their author are always felt and remembered in a special way.

As soon as the introductory song "Sky World" started, the soloist Oh Hyuk immediately struck everyone with his soft vocals reaching to the very deep of our souls and making the skin crawl with excitement. I'm pretty sure you will never forget Hyuk's unique voice once you hear it. The next member who catches the attention is the smiley guy Inwoo who is actually such a charismatic and passionate drummer stealing the girls' hearts with his performances. I'm sure no one remained indifferent watching this smiling and mischievous drummer. The bass guitarist Donggeon, on the other hand, seems to be the most modest member, but he is also the one creating those moderate bass sounds setting the mood for many songs of the group. Just listen to their "Settled Down" and you will understand what I mean! Seeing Hyunjae on the stage, one would immediately come to the thought that this guy has probably traveled to us from another planet. Red space pants, tank top and short haircut! And still this man is attractive not only by his appearance. The moment Hyunjae plays the guitar one just cannot take the eyes off him! The guitarist decided to surprise the fans right from the beginning by saying a few words in Russian. This experiment couldn't be without the help of the phone though… :)

Hyuk's relaxed voice, white guitar on a white hoodie, new arrangement of the song, a little slower than the original one, the whole hall glowing with the phone flashlights... This is how I've heard the soulful "Gondry" for the first time at that concert, and I will definitely keep this picture in my mind forever. This was my favorite moment of the whole concert when everyone was completely wrapped up by music. Emotions overwhelmed me causing the tears to blur my eyes. Another incredibly nice moment was waiting for us during "Gang Gang Schiele". Just imagine the beginning of the second verse and the whole hall singing along with Hyuk. The soloist stops for a moment just for the audience to sing the line "정말 미안 합니다" after which he cutely says "thanks" in Russian.

There's no doubt that the audience was singing along every song during the concert. HYUKOH performed their most popular songs such as "Wi ing Wi ing ing", "Tomboy", "Love Ya!", "Comes and Goes". I also managed to listen to my beloved "2002WorldCup", "Graduation" and "Masitnonsoul" live. I cannot help but mention the special fan project created by the group's fanbase. Thank you, guys, for such awesome banners! I was really surprised to see the guys performing "Wanli". This is probably one of the most unusual songs in the group's repertoire because it not only has Chinese lyrics, but the whole track is also sustained in the same Chinese-like tones. The live performance of "Wanli" is really worth hearing at the concert! The recording just cannot fully convey the passion and the excellence of instrumental sounds. This song, indeed, suits the style of the group very well.

What I'm really thankful to all the Korean artists for is their punctuality and respect for the audience. The concert began and ended exactly on time, the whole organization process went really smoothly, and I especially liked the fact that the guys performed so many songs in such a short time. There were neither special talk sections nor game corners during the concert. Instead we got an amazing interaction through music, something that the guys really wanted to convey to their fans. Less talk, more action so to say. I believe everyone got an endless amount of emotions left after the concert. An hour and a half was obviously not enough, but still we managed to recharge our inner batteries a little bit and enjoy such a warm performance by our beloved band before coming back to the routine of our lives. We are waiting for the guys to come to Russia again, I'm sure they liked us as much as we like them! If you are not a fan of HYUKOH yet, just give their music a listen, and they will definitely surprise you :)