On April 27 Nanji Hangang Park in Seoul was shaken by hard rap beats - the hottest hip-hop festival HIPHOPPLAYA has come to the town! Our special agent Monica Lee visited the festival and experienced it herself to share with you everything she saw on the spot.

The organizers prepared a huge venue, which included a picnic zone, street fashion market zone, VIBE sponsor zone, and a photo zone. The spectators could enjoy delicious food and a bottle of beer or even something stronger from one of the 13 stalls of the food court and relax on mats purchased at the main gate before the actual start of the SHOW.

Nafla & Loopy's performance was followed by VMC crew's stage who represent the real old school hip-hop with their recognizable boom bap beats. ODEE, who became famous after SMTM 777, amazed the crowd with his powerful rap technique. And of course there was no doubt in the excellence of Nucksal and Deepflow's rapping - the audience just exploded with the first beats of their hit «Cut Cut Cut». VMC literally set the stage on fire - partly thanks to the stage flame throwers.

The next performances stroke Woo Won Jae's fans at the heart. He appeared on stage wearing all black, in a trendy hat, and showed no emotions - but all of us knew that it was all about his introverted personality and he was excited not less than us to perform at the festival. His stage was the most unique, as the songs were quite calm and the lyrics so deep - the audience was just standing still watching him and listening to the beautiful sound. But that lasted only until he started performing «We Are» produced by GRAY. That was when everyone rose their hands in the air and could not help singing along.

Colde, a member of the groovy Offonoff duo, captivated everyone's attention with his melodic and tender voice, as he went up on stage. It seems like these black hats with two pieces of clothes in the back are all the rage these days because Colde was also wearing one. If you check the photos, you will see that his outfit was really cool and different. So was his music too - the crowd greeted him very warmly!

To move on, Penomeco came up on stage after Colde. And there is something very funny about him that we want to tell you. He started the performance extremely energetic, so that everyone was like: «WOW!». And after the first set he was already out of breath and obviously needed some time to recover. He apologized so much and said that he had not performed for quite long time, so his physical condition is not the best now. Poor Penomeco… However, the audience was very sympathetic and encouraged him to continue so he finished his stage splendidly!
The next line up was… pH-1! This guy was so cute and lovely but cool at the same time. He also tried to keep eye contact with people and all in all was very interactive with the audience, and of course people loved it. He even got a toy from a fan and was holding it gently while his friend, songwriter and rapper Ted Park, who is also from H1GHR Music by the way, was on the mic. It was a surprise to see him there because he was not initially on the list. Overall, pH-1's stage was awesome as expected!

Here I want to stop for a second because the next artist just blew the minds of all girls over there. Guess who? DPR Live! Hot and sexy. On style. Charming voice. Sharp flow. All of these describes DPR Live who held the court once appeared on stage. There was another thing people went crazy about - even guys screamed: «Oppa, you're handsome!» - he rapped looking in the eyes of someone from the crowd and literally stroke everyone with his moves. Am I fangirling right now? I am sorry but, seriously, this guy was born to be on stage.

We're slowly getting to the climax… Before the next artist's performance the audience barely could stand still, while the band was preparing for the performance - everyone was looking forward to finally seeing Crush on stage. And here he is! He appeared and at the very second the crowd started screaming loudly welcoming him. It is hard to find words to describe his performance. It was incredibly energetic and beautiful, as Crush brought a band about. We're not really used to such a sound because the studio versions sound quite differently but that was, on the contrary, one of the features that made the stage outstanding. Crush definitely became a crush for fairly all the girls and even guys there - his soft voice did not leave anyone unsympathetic. And don't forget his rap stages! A talented person is talented in everything and Crush is a living evidence for this statement because he raps as much professional as he sings, and we know that he is one of the best ballad R&B singers in Korea. Crush showed an amazing performance!
Left to wait for the next performer, the crowd was buzzing - they were waiting for another artist from Fanxy Child crew Dean! When the performance actually started for a second we were confused - who is that girl on stage and where's Dean? The lady was MISO, a member of you.will.knovv, which is another Dean's crew. Yes, this guy managed to belong to two labels, Fanxy Child and you.will.knovv, while being the founder of the latter. Honestly, it was very nice of him to bring his fellow members and friends to the festival to let people get to know their music and increase their popularity. All the members are truly talented, so it seems like we should be awaiting their new music in the nearest future! Dean showed up together with other members of the crew, and once the spectators saw him, words «so handsome», «cool», «so hot» etc. we're heard from everywhere and that was all true. Dean looks like he is from another planet, strikingly attractive. Is there a point even mentioning how beautifully he sings? He just knows how to operate his voice and make everyone hold their breath in awe.

The last but totally not the least, this artist has hundred thousands fans around the world, he's a rapper, a producer, a CEO, and a former idol. I don't think you have any doubts after this description - obviously, it's one and only Zico. He also performed with a band, like Crush, and everyone was in such anticipation before the start of the show hearing the band rehearsing. Finally, the last performance of the day. Zico has shown up - he's standing almost in the darkness but everyone sees him so clearly. He is wearing very simple clothes but looks like a fashionista. For the first performance he doesn't move because he uses a mic stand but he is everywhere, filling the night air with himself and his music. His stages are produced so professionally, everything is thought out to detail. One can get a strong feeling of attending his solo concert. He combined all genres in his performance and put as many of his songs as was possible. Energetic and killing hard rap, deep lyrics on a soft beat, joyful and cheerful songs - there was literally everything. The atmosphere cannot be conveyed by words.

The second day of the festival was even more powerful and energetic. Despite the cloudy and windy weather lots of people came to enjoy their beloved artists' fiery performances on the main stage.
Majority of the visitors were standing in the middle area, just like the previous day, so it was quite difficult to find a nice spot.
Unfortunately, our team wasn't able to stay at the event for the whole day. However we managed to interview Korean hip-hop fans from Russia! Some of them came to Korea especially for this event.
My big dream was to see KID MILL, JUSTHIS, YOUNG B, NO:EL & JVCKI WAI performing live. I'm a NO:EL's huge fan and I'm absolutely happy to have seen the group performance. Still exited!
BEENZINO! So glad he's back from the army and performing again. He is so cool!
The event organizers did a great job. The line-up for the second day is just awesome. Discovered a lot of nice artists today. It's high time to add some new groovy tracks to my playlist.
It is a pity that we didn't get to the autograph session of the second day. All my favorite stars were there today.
It would be so nice if Soul Dive and Bewhy could come to Russia. I'm pretty sure Russian people will like them and these two will definitely hit the stage!
Next time we'll come back with our friends and some blankets. Hope BEENZINO, XXX and CHANGMO will perform next year as well.
Our team fully agrees with the words of the audience. This amazing event could charge its visitors with energy and good mood. Two days of such an unforgettable and awesome hip-hop party are definitely worth visiting Hiphopplaya Festival 2019.