Our group name has a word "gray" in it which means that we can show our color whenever and wherever we want.
Full name - Shin Hyeji (신혜지)
Position in the group – leader, main vocal
Date of birth – 06.07.1996

Deerzone: Unfortunately, we couldn't find your profile anywhere. Can you tell your fans something about yourself?
Hyeji: My speciality is experiential music, my hobby is watching dramas and my role models are IU and Taeyoung (Girls Generation).

Full name - Park Shinyoung (박신영)
Position in the group – main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist
Date of birth – 19.03.2000
Speciality – jump rope, taekwondo
Hobby – collecting dolls
Role model – Girls Generation

Deerzone: Are you collecting dolls? Is that any particular kind of dolls?
Shinyoung: I did use to collect various dolls before just because I liked them. But eventually I got too many and just stopped collecting them. The first doll I've got is the most precious to me.
Position in the group – main dancer, vocal
Date of birth – 10.04.2000
Specialty – aegyo, various dance styles
Hobby – talking to dolls, knitwork
Role model – GFRIEND

Deerzone: You used to be a ballet dancer and even won some prizes. Why have you decided to change your profession and become an idol?
Yena: One day I just thought if I'm talented enough to become part of an idol industry. And finally I decided to give it a try since such an activity makes me happy.
Full name - Lee Yeso (이예소)
Position in the group – lead vocalist, maknae
Date of birth – 13.11.2001
Speciality – imitations, funny dance Hobby – riding a bus, badminton
Role model – BIG BANG
Deerzone: You really like pulling tricks on other members, don't you? Which of the tricks was the most successful?
Yeso: Actually all of us pull tricks on one another. But I think Hyeji is the best when it comes to pranks. It's really fun to watch people's reaction when she pulls a trick on them.

We've also found out that you are interested in writing lyrics. Have you already managed to write anything?
Yeso: Lyrics, songs... I've always been thinking that in my case this process will take a lot of time. But if I start trying little by little from now on I will come to a good result. I think I have a potential to create music. And I'd like to learn more about writing lyrics and make a song for our group one day.
Deerzone: Your concert takes place on November, 16th. It's your first concert, isn't it? How are you preparing for it? What your fans can expect from the concert?
G-reyish: Yes, this will be our first concert, a real concert! It will be different from a usual fan meeting. Last time we performed for our Syrup at one of such fan meetings but this time we've prepared a lot of special stages that our fans have never seen before.

Deerzone: You debuted with a retro concept, then you came back with a sweet and dollish song Candy and your song KKILI KKILI has a summer sexy vibe. Your concept changes every time but which one do you find the most suitable?
Hyeji: For me it's a summer sexy concept. People often mentioned that this style would suit me so I thought "why not try it?".
Shinyoung: I think my chubby cheeks don't really match with a sexy concept... But a cutie-sexy style of KKILI KKILI was pretty much good for me. So I'll choose a summer sexy concept as well.
Yena: Our fans always tell that I have a really lovely and refreshing image so I think summer sexy concept definitely suits our group the best.
Yeso: I think I'm more of a cute type but the older we get the better we match with a sexy concept, right? (laughs)

Deerzone: What concept would you like to try next?
G-reyish: We've already tried quite a lot of various concepts but we haven't tried a "pure" one yet. So we think it would be interesting to work in this direction. We also do enjoy the "dreamy" concept of Oh My Girl.

Deerzone: Who came up with an idea of your fanclub's name ("Syrup")? G-reyish: There actually were lots of names to choose from. But at the end our manager decided on the one that combines words 시 ('si' – means 'born') and 러브 ('robeu' – means 'love') thus has a meaning "born/made with love". That's how our fanclub's name 시럽 (Syrup) has been created.
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