GOT7 in Moscow 2018
The concert of an outstanding South Korean group GOT7 took place in Moscow on the 6th of June 2018!
And it was the first time when tickets to a Korean performer's concert in Russia were completely sold out. Despite this we managed to get into Adrenalin Stadium concert halland enjoy the show together with the fans.

JYP Entertainment had thoroughly prepared its artists for the tour! The group was performing accompanied by professional dancers and changed their outfits every three songs. The company was also generous with the memorable VCR and special effects in the hall.

We enjoyed some new experience during this event since the stage was arranged differently for the concert so that holders of all categories of tickets could clearly see the members during certain songs. Some fans were even lucky enough to get a hi-five or a small video recorded with their phone by one of the members. Got7 presented the best songs from their last album and turned everyone up by performing their most popular powerful tracks. Their unit stages and individual performances were absolutely breathtaking and literally forced everyone to cheer the group up louder. Since the performance part of the concert was significantly emphasized this time, the members didn't have enough time to communicate with the audience, but at those rare moments they did, the guys spoke Russian a lot and also thanked his fans for their love and hearty welcome. Whose pronunciation was better to your opinion?

If I was to add some personal thoughts I would say that we went to the concert with a hope to take our minds off our problems and have some life fullof singing along favorite songs. And all our possible expectations exceeded themselves by 300%. We were so happy that it was really hard for us to hold back tears when the concert was over. It was so wonderful that 2.5 hours seemed a single instant to us. But we want to live up to this instant again and again. So we are expecting GOT7 to release a lot of new albums and come back to our country again in the future.

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