7 - 8 june 2018
CDF & Feel Korea 2018
This year's June has been really eventful and we are pleased to be invited to the events on June, 7-8. We had an especially precious experience visiting the events organized by the joint efforts of the Korean Cultural Center and "KOFICE" teams. We'd like to express our gratitude to Aigoo Russia, which made our presence at the venue possible.
Preparations for KDF & Feel Korea had taken a lot of time and energy from all the participants, but as a result all the efforts made got granted and met the expectations. This event will place itself on record as one of the grandest and most magnificent events and will remain in the memories of K-pop fans for a long time.
Despite the cold weather , we've kept only warm memories from that day. For instance, before entering the hall all the visitors could take photos with full-size figures of the artists, take a look at the official stuff and get a lightstick for a subscription. We also couldn't resist it and took one as a souvenir.
In our opinion, the organizers of the festival did an excellent choice of the hall because its arrangement let everyone enjoy a clear view of the stage. So when the KDF started we took our position at the nearest section on the left and enjoyed all the performances from there.
Our opinions on the best performances divided. Some people liked certain performances more, some liked another ones. But despite all these differences, we'd like to congratulate the winners! The martial art performance was absolutely breath-taking. How high did they jump? Was it like... 3 meters high? At least it seemed so to me. And I think that many people watching the performance understood that not only K-pop artists are subject to being biased.
As for K-pop guest-stars, they performed in the following order: IMFACT, SNUPER, KARD and Sunmi. There were several surprises prepared for the audience. Among them were the powerful joint performance by the cover-dance team Xeast and the groups IMFACT and SNUPER and the concert's special MC - the member of the group KARD, BM!
All the performances were really amazing, one could easily understand that just looking at the fans' reaction. Members of KARD held a nice and funny game answering to questions from the audience, while Sunmi communicated with the audience a lot and was surprised to find out that she and her songs are receiving so much love from Russian fans.
At the end of the concert all the artists threw yellow balls with autographs to the fans and played with people in the hall. We needed some time to regain consciousness after all amazing things that happened during the festival. And we are quite sure that everyone present at the venue that day is feeling the same. Since South Korea seems to be turning its attention to Russia, it would be really nice to have such events held in our country more often. See you next time at other event!