Deerzone: What did the show MIXNINE give to you?
Eyedi: Since I'm a solo musician, I didn't have a lot of experience of performing with anyone as a team. But there, at MIXNINE, I've got to practice with lots of different people and perform together with various artists which have become a great experience for me.
Whom of the participants do you still keep in touch with?
Shin Ryujin of ITZY and Siyeon of DREAMCATHER. I still keep in touch with them and we talk about our work and other stuff.
You released many songs for the past three years. Do you have any favorites among them and why?
I'd like to mention two of them. The first one is my debut song "Sign" and the second one is the song that has been released recently, it's called "& New". "Sign" is very meaningful to me because I worked on it in the USA. All the work like music video shooting and various release-supporting events were done there. Also, Loopy is featured in this song. We're very close friends and he has been helping me from the very beginning.
Is it harder to do promotion in Korea or Japan? Can you explain why?
If I have to choose between Japan and Korea I'd probably choose Japan because there are certain language problems. Still, the agency "Pony Canyon" I signed under in Japan always helps me with promotion and other issues. So I think that rather than Korea or Japan it'd be much harder to do promotion in other foreign countries.
Would you like to become a part of a group? Or it is easier for you to be a solo artist?
Well... as for me it's much easier to just perform as a solo artist. But we're actually working on some project groups right now. So if there are any surprising news I'll let you know!
What clothing brand would you like to model for?

For me, it's Nike and Vans. Actually I wore a lot of Nike and Vans products in the past and I'm still wearing these brands quite often. Also, it seems like this generation's most iconic stars have been modeling for these two brands so it'd be a huge honor for me if I was invited.
We've found out that your nicknames are Nam YooDing and Ppangsuni. What do they mean?
My real Korean name is Nam YuJin which sounds really similar to Nam YooDing, right? And the word "yooding" means "kindergarten schoolkids" in Korean. It's a slang word but it doesn't have any negative meaning it just sounds very cute like "a kindergarten schoolgirl". And as for "Ppangsuni"... Everyone knows that the main dish for Korean people is rice, isn't it? But I personally would rather eat bread instead of rice, I can eat it for the whole day, really. One day I went to a local bakery store, checked my bonus card and found out that I'd already got around 1.000.000 won bonus points on it. That is exactly how much I love bread! (laughs) So "ppang" actually means "bread" in Korean and "Ppangsuni" is like a nickname for those who are addicted to eating bread.
Many people compare you to IU. Do you think that your styles are similar?
First of all, I'm actually a big fan of IU so I don't feel offended by such comparisons at any rate. I just think that our music styles are quite different and as for the Korean audience they mostly compare me to IU by appearance. You know, both of us have a mole at the same place on the face and so on. They keep focusing on the face while I'd be much happier if they talk about my music more.
Is there any artist whom you'd call your role model?
I've got this question many times at the interviews. Yes, sure, there are artists whom I admire but it's really hard to name just a few. Recently I've realized that if I stick to a certain person as my role model I'll most probably try to become the same, follow this artist's style unconsciously. So I decided that it'd be much better for me to just love and admire all of them as a fan, get inspiration from those artists but don't get too much influenced by them.
Could you tell us about your future plans?
Since I've started my career I've been releasing a lot of songs in Korean, English, and Japanese. So now I'd like to perform and promote my music in different countries all over the world. I'm also thinking of a possibility to show you guys my acting skills as well in the future.