It's better late than never! DAY6's concert in Moscow took place on January 18, and I'm still all excited to have had an opportunity to become a part of it.
Saying that the concert was just great won't be enough at any rate. Such a wonderful band, such a beautiful music and charming voices added by perfectly matching lighting and incredible fan support! This is exactly how it was like.

When the concert began, it was difficult to understand whether the studio recording was turned on or the guys' vocals were so nice as if they had eaten their own CDs (Spoiler: no phonogram at all! It turns out that their live performances sound even better than the audio recording, I tell you!)

I was so glad to see the fans cheering the group up and singing all the songs along with them (it was the most amazing during "I need somebody"). The banners prepared by the fans really surprised the guys, especially the one created for Sungjin's birthday.

Personally, I got a little bit confused by the video shown in the middle of the concert, which, if I got it right, was one of the episodes from their new show. It was the first time I came across such a decision for a concert, honestly.

Did we enjoy the concert? Oh, yes! Did the guys enjoy the concert? I'm pretty sure they did! And I hope they will remember they first Russian concert and their Russian fans well.

And we are now waiting for DAY6 to come back to Russia. If not for the fans, then maybe for some Russian borsch?