On November 6, a few representatives of #deerzone visited the talented Korean choreographer Bae Yoon Jung's workshops in St. Petersburg. Bae Yoon Jung is an amazing woman who has made choreography for most of the hit songs of such top groups as Kara, T-ara, EXID, Girl's day. She is also the one who's created choreography for the well-known song "Pick Me" from Produce101, and there are much more dances she has been working on.

You may think that this is really cool... and we will fully agree, because it doesn't happen every day that you can learn from such a professional. So what can we say about the workshops themselves? Whether St. Petersburg left such an indelible impression on Bae Yoon Jung, or our joyful faces touched the very strings of her soul, but unlike people visiting her workshops in other countries we started the first class with nothing other than the choreography to the sensual song "Something" by Girl's day. A nostalgic tear might have flown over the faces of the old-timers in K-POP. With the gaze of a hawk and the grace of log all of us rushed into the battle (crossed out) into learning the insanely sexy choreography. Having thrown scruples overboard, we were beating off our knees, bending our backs and showing that our buns are still worth it. In fact, everyone was dancing with a great enthusiasm and some of the participants even received a special praise from Bae Yoon Jung herself.

The second class started with learning Bae Yoon Jung's own choreography to the song "All I wanna do" by Jay Park. Just like during the first class all the participants were giving a great feedback and proving that regardless of gender and age everyone can more or less handle sexy dances. At the end of the second class, Bae Yoon Jung pleased everyone with one of her most popular choreographies to EXID - Up&Down. It seemed that even the windows foged up from the energy that everyone produced at that moment.

Both the classes ended with taking photos and selfies with Bae Yoon Jung and the participants of the second class even were lucky to get her autograph!