A bright representative of the South Korean music scene Babylon received the nomination "The Most Popular Artist of South Korea" on March 11 on the international professional music "BraVo". The award was presented by the leading awards of the singer Zara and Nikolai Baskov. We managed to meet and talk with the singer personally.

Deerzone: Good afternoon, Babylon. Nice to meet you. Is it your first time in Moscow? Could you share your impressions with us, please?
Вabylon: Hello. Yes, this is my first time in Russia. When I heard the word "Moscow" before, I could only associate it with "cold". But after coming here I realized that Russian weather is actually quite normal. I'm really grateful for the invitation. It's nice to be here.
D: Are there any stereotypes about Russia that got dispelled when you came to the country?
Вabylon: I didn't have any stereotypes, I simply knew nothing about Russia. I just came here and I liked it. Sky here is really beautiful.
D: Really? Thank you! Do you possibly have any plans for going on Russian or European tour?
Вabylon: I haven't thought about that yet. It's my first time in Russia and it'll be nice to continue developing myself in this direction I suppose. But as for now I'm more focused on my new album's release and my music.
D: We'll be waiting for you. You've got to meet a lot of Russian singers at the BraVo Music Awards. Who would you like to collaborate with?
Вabylon: Svetlana Loboda! (laughs)
D: I also like her very much. She had to make a long way to fame. And what about you? How did you manage to overcome all the difficulties on your own way?
Вabylon: It's not that easy to make your own dream come true. Especially when you are working in the area you're really interested in. You keep thinking about self-developement and things you have to do to reach some progress. And you have to do your best, practise a lot and work on your music everyday. Only by working hard you can get a positive result. But even if you feel like something is still going wrong you'd better not give up and continue improving yourself. In fact, practise is the most essential thing..
D: Thank you for such a detailed answer. What did your family and friends think of your dream?
Вabylon: They supported me and prayed for me. I received a lot of kind words and felt their approval.
D: And what do inspire you?
Вabylon: Sometimes I'm inspired by some daily, ordinary things or by people I meet. I can suddenly come up with an idea while just watching a movie. There are a lot of ways to find inspiration.
D: What would you call your own strength?
Вabylon: My strength? I think it's perseverance and zeal.
D: Let's talk about music. What's your opinion on growing popularity in Korea? Does it affect K-pop at any rate?
Вabylon: It certainly affects K-pop. R&B is popular with any society and I think it's a good tendency that Korean people are also interested in that genre.
D: You have very strong views on music. What qualities should an artist have to be able to work with you?
Вabylon:Their music should give a strong impression. And every song should carry some special message in it.
D: Finally, one special question for you. What's your opinion on Korean Hip-hop Music Awards?
Вabylon: I think it's a great award which keeps all the artists on their toes.

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