ATEEZ Concert in Moscow
As a part of "The Expedition Tour" ATEEZ visited Moscow (Russia) and held a magnificent concert on April 21st. Before the group appeared on the stage we got informed that the whole event was to be filmed by MNET team which came to Moscow especially for that purpose. It's truly an honor that concert in Moscow has been chosen for filming and the audience got really excited to hear the news.

As soon as the first VCR "Intro: Long Journey" appeared on the screen the concert finally started! Personally, I was really glad to find out that the fans were cheering every member up equally. And their support was so powerful! "Pirate King" was the first song of the concert, but somehow it felt like the final performance because of how hyped the audience was. The fans started dancing and singing along the song immediately and the group's members were showing their true passion from the very beginning.

The first two songs were followed by a talk section. All the members introduced themselves and did a small conversation telling how much they wanted to visit Russia. The guys had seen lots of comments asking ATEEZ to come to Russia which made them fully feel Russian ATINY's passion. That is why the group got a strong intention to make the concert unforgettable for their fans (and they did it for sure!). ATEEZ also performed some of their amazing cover dances. Personally I consider ATEEZ one of the best dancers in their industry. I was the one who watched their "Pick It Up" performance video more than hundred times probably and I was really happy to see them performing it live.

The members' vocal and rap skills are just awesome! I can't even choose the one who stood out the most since all of them did. After performing a few more songs the group continued entertaining the audience with a special mini-event during which the members were fulfilling their fans' wishes. They were trying their best making a big heart with 16 hands, showing special greetings among the certain members and so on.

The atmosphere was really nice and friendly. One could see that even the members themselves were having fun. The fans will surely never forget Seonghwa's "baby shark" dance which turned out to be quite sexy instead of cute. I can't help mentioning Wooyoung's cover to "Gashina" as well. That was awesome! During the "random dance" section the members had to dance to various tracks such as Super Junior, ITZY's songs and IOI's "Pick Me". During "What Does The Fox Say" and "Lion King OST" the stage became a complete chaos but everyone liked it very much.

Before performing "HALA HALA" the members changed their clothes and returned to the stage wearing very stylish outfits to show us another fiery performance! And then the guys talked to their fans again. I really liked the fact that they interacted with the audience a lot making everyone fall into them even more. The whole concert looked like the old friends' reunion to me. Both ATEEZ and ATINY were having fun which created really warm atmosphere in the hall. The members couldn't help admitting that Moscow's audience was the loudest one and I can pretty much agree with them. All the fans were showing their 200% support to ATEEZ and doing as great as the idols themselves. I believe the members could feel that too.

ATEEZ looked really pleased to hear their Russian fans singing the whole chorus of their song "Say My Name" in Korean. And right after that the group performed the song leaving everyone literally speechless.

During their encore stage the members performed a few more songs for their fans. I feel like their "Promise" performance was the most touching moment of the whole concert. ATEEZ promised that they would definitely come back to Russia and Russian ATINY. They thanked the fans and all the staff members who put so much effort into making this event real. Everything felt really warm and

touching. During the members' final speeches a lot of fans in the hall cried (I was actually trying really hard to hold my tears back when it was Seonghwa and Wooyoung's turn). One of the members, Yunho, couldn't help crying a little and all of us could relate.

I have visited various concerts before. Sometimes I just love the singer a lot and actually don't care what the concert will be like. I'm just happy to meet my artist. But there are times when the artist's performance goes far beyond my expectations making me love the group even more. And ATEEZ has definitely become one of such groups. Hongjoong's charisma, Mingi's rap, San's flower jokes, Jongho's amazing vocals, the way Yeosang communicated with the audience... all of these made the event completely unforgettable.

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to all the fans and every ATEEZ member. Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, Jongho, we love you all!

ATEEZ has promised to come back and Russian ATINY promise to wait!