AlphaBAT Concert
in Warsaw
In case some of you tend not to pay much attention to less popular groups you probably miss a lot. Because despite being underrated some of these groups are actually extremely talented. And they would definitely make one enjoy the magnificent and soulful atmosphere of their events. The members of a South Korean group AlphaBAT whose concert took place in Warsaw on April 25th, 2019 would probably be the perfect example for this.

It should be noted first that I myself discovered the group only a week before the concert. As I was looking for some information about each member and listening to their songs I was getting more and more surprised at how much underrated AlphaBAT was. Disappointingly, the group didn't even manage to get enough people for a small concert hall which resulted in the event taking place at a small club good for 100 people. The tickets to the show had to be sold almost for free while the workshop scheduled for the next day got canceled at all.

Nevertheless, the concert itself was just awesome and I never regretted becoming part of it. Concerts taking place at small venues always have their unique and create really warm, intimate atmosphere between artists and their fans. AlphaBAT managed to use this advantage to its fullest giving a moment of attention to each and everyone.

During the entire concert the members were interacting with the audience, making short videos using their fans' phones, giving hi-fives and showing a lot of aegyo. The group performed a lot of songs such as AB City, Get your love, 신세계, oh my gosh, etc. People at the club sang along each song, which surely made everyone feel kind of intimacy and warmth between the idols and their fans. I was pretty much surprised by the members' vocal skills, all of them are amazing singers and real professionals. AlphaBAT sang one of the songs acapella which reached to the very depths of my soul causing goosebumps to run over the skin. Everyone seemed to experience a true admiration for the group.

The atmosphere of that moment was magical as the dim light of lightsticks and flashlights illuminated the members' beautiful smiles. All the AlphaBAT members were able to reveal their unique and sometimes unexpected charm. The group's low-voice rapper E:psilon who seemed extremely serious at first sight showed us a cute cover dance to Momoland's "Bboom Bboom". The confident-looking member, B:eta, on the other hand, revealed his shy side while reading a request for a sexy dance.

All the fans visiting the event had an opportunity to write a question to AlphaBAT and the members answered some of them during the concert.

What is your favorite food?
G:amma: I like noodles! My favorite dish is jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles). And if we talk about Polish dishes, the tastiest one is probably ham hock.
K:appa: I think that the dishes made by my mom are the best. Nothing can beat them.
B:eta: Personally I like ChocoPie.
L:ambda: And we also liked the local dish vareniki. E:psilon: True, vareniki are very delicious! I think it's quite similar to Korean dumplings
What is your dream?
G:amma: You know, there are various award shows like MAMA and AMA held in Korea at the end of each year. I hope our team can become part of such an event once. I'd really like to show some special performance there.
K:appa: My dreams are coming true right now. I'm here sitting in front of you and I'm happy.
B:eta: I want our music to touch people's hearts.
E:psilon: I want all of us to stay healthy because health is the most important thing.
L:ambda: I want more people to find out about AlphaBAT.
Whom of the members would you date if you were a girl?
G:amma: I'd choose B:eta.
K:appa: I'd date L:ambda.
E:psilon: I'd choose a different member every day. G:amma for Monday, B:eta for Tuesday, L:ambda for Wednesday and so on... (laughs).
What is your favorite part of creating music?
G:amma: I like it when I can feel and understand the song's mood.
K:appa: Being able to covey a certain message through the song.
B:eta: The best moment is now when I'm standing in front of you.
L:ambda: Being able to perform and show our music to all of you.
E:psilon: The connection between me and my fans when I perform.

At the end of the show AlphaBAT introduced their new song. It hadn't been officially released yet so we were kindly asked not to film that performance.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize once again how talented AlphaBAT are. All the members did their best to show us their perfect, bright and fiery performance and create such a warm family-like atmosphere at the same time.