A.C.E in Moscow

A.C.E's concert
in Moscow was
just awesome!
If you are still waiting for that very bias K-POP group of yours to come to your country and thus skipping some rookie-groups' concerts, you are definitely missing a lot! And now we will tell you why.

The show indeed had a unique execution with all its spectacular moments and nuanced choreography pieces. One's look would be just forced to the stage, to the guys who are giving all their energy and passion while performing because they do enjoy this! Just have a look at their concentrated faces, their bodies all wet after another powerful dance session and their wonderful smiles added by some cute finger-hearts just for you! All of these is A.C.E.

The show started with Chan and Donghun's cover to "All of Me" by John Legend and then the group exploded the stage with their dance cover to Taeyang's Ringa Linga! We felt truly aesthetic pleasure listening to the wonderful vocals and seeing the members dancing as this skill is perfectly mastered by all the five guys. A.C.E really surprised us with their perfect synchronization that we'd never seen before! The group also did a few covers to Big Bang and BTS.

The guys were doing multiple conversations with the audience as well. They told us about their fear of cold Moscow's weather... which turned out to be very true, actually. And still the atmosphere during the concert was really warm and energetic which even made one of the members, Jun, feel a little emotional at the end. Our hearts sank while looking at him. One more incredibly beautiful scene happened when A.C.E asked everyone to turn the flashlights on. With sinking heart and teary eyes we were enjoying a huge sea of lights during the group's performance with the cover to Jessie J - Flashlight... Every member has such a fascinating voice! The group did lots of separate performances with 2-3 members singing, talking to the audience, showing aegyo and so on. All together they'd prepared a lot of generous gifts for the lucky fans who were chosen through a lottery during the event. The whole process was incredibly cute and fun and all the members got to show their strong sides. Chan was super energetic! He even seemed to have enough energy for making one more concert right after. Jun was conquering everyone with his charisma and his love for dance, while shy Wow made all the hearts flutter, his rap and sexual dance performance were unforgettable. Donghun's voice and sincere smile will remain in our memories forever as well as the image of Byeongkwan dancing with all his heart and dedication just as if it's his last time performing.

To the public's huge delight A.C.E performed their hit-song "Take Me Higher" from their first album and it felt even much better than listening to the audio recording or watching the MV or a fancam on YouTube! All the songs created such a pleasant atmosphere of partying at a beach festival on a summer evening which was just right to heat the cold Moscow's weather up!

All the members got to say a few final words before the end and it was very difficult to hold back the tears at that moment. The group's wonderful fandom, Choice, prepared banners and lightsticks, which the fans used to support their stars during the concert, and it was really nice to see how grateful were A.C.E for that.

Thanks to all of you for coming to the concerts and supporting the guys! You are making them believe in themselves and their abilities. And we hope that in their eyes Russia gets to be not just a huge and cold country on the world map, but a country with sincere, kind and beautiful people.